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1stAngel Arts Magazine serves up an eclectic mix of images, stories, and news, created for artists by artists.

1stAngel also provides blogging opportunities and customized webpages for artists, as well as a community where artists and art lovers can connect socially and professionally.

The premier offering of the magazine was its quality interviews with established and up and coming artists and writers. As the magazine has grown and evolved, the variety of content has also grown, and now encompasses not only art and art related stories but also lifestyle articles. As always, interesting in-depth interviews with artists remain a staple on the site.


1stAngel Talks the Talk

Interviews with 1stAngel Arts When did you first become interested in art, in general? Been in and out of art since childhood, But it’s always been behind my ears though. How did you come to photography, from there? I actually never was interested in photography when younger. But When I got my first telescope, I started photographing through it with some crappy cameras and, later on, telephone cameras. With what other forms of art do you work? Not been active at art since my teens. Tried several things, drawing mostly. I guess I… When did you first become interested in art? I have always loved art since I was a little girl. I have always been a very visual learner so enjoying art has always just made sense for me. I understand the importance of art and the place it maintains in society as a whole. What style of art do you use most? I would certainly favor more contemporary and abstract art in my work. Elements of reality with elements of fantasy.   Has your style changed from when you first…

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