Pets, a childhood memory.

I had several pets growing up and fun memories of them I hope you did too. My first and one of my favorite 2 childhood memories was at age 3 when daddy came home from work one day, and from the inside of his coat, out pops one of the cutest little German Shepherd puppies a kid could ever lay their eyes on! She was mostly black and a little brown under her tummy. I still have fond memories of that moment. I just wished we had digital cameras back then to have a photo memories of her too. Her name was Doodles. She was a great protection and friend to the entire family. If ever a snake was around it was gone before long because Doodles would take care of it and fast. 

When I was in the third grade my grandparents bought a farm and were going to build a house there. And we were going to move into the house that was already there. We needed a good watch dog again because sadly Doodles was hit by a speeding car. So before moving to the house on the farm, daddy took two of us to go pick out a new watchdog. He had seen a sign for German Shepherd puppies. One of my sisters and me got to go with him. I am not sure how many there were but I can still see all those little cute faces with those ears tall as can be running up to the fence all staring at us with wonder. Most were black with silverygrey highlights but two were red. One girl and one boy. The boy was spoken for and so daddy picked the other red one, the girl. She was so cute. We named her Ginger.

One story involving Ginger was on a snow day when I was in Jr. High. The snow was deep.  It was a blizzard and snow drifted across the country roads. School was canceled  and the neighbor girl who was a year younger than me decided to go on a picnic, yes in the deep drifting snow. Best thing about a snow picnic… no bugs! We  packed a hot lunch of burgers, chips and hot cocoa. We took our lunch and our sleds to use as a place to sit and walked to the first pasture with the cows…We took Ginger with us to keep the cows away. She walked around and kept back the cows but we started laughing so hard at how silly and fun it was to have a snow picnic that we almost choked on our hot cocoa. Ginger tipped her head and looked as us like we were goofy. But stayed right there keeping the cows away. So much fun and a wonderful memory.

My grandparents small farm had cattle, chickens and geese. My daddy would always call baby geese. ‘goose puppies’ and baby ducks, ‘duck puppies’. My grandmother had a brooder every year and many times we would have a new set of goose puppies in the spring. So fun to play with the new baby geese!

I have 2 old cats now. They have been my joy for over 11 years now. The younger one is sick and has to get vitamin D shots 2 times a month that my daughter comes over and gives to her. She also needs special sprinkles added to her food.  They give me so much joy. I have a gallery of cat themed art available for purchase. Located here: …………… Le Cat

If at all possible make your next pet one from a rescue. Adoption is a great thing to do. All of our cats in recent years have been rescues. The folks that foster these furry friends need our support.

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