Your Art Can Heal – part three

18th December 2015 1

In part two, you explored the list of healing needs. In part three of this series, you’ll uncover more elements revealing how your art can heal. You’ll get access to a revealing and empowering list of healing Read More

How Art Is Healing Me

6th December 2015 2

In the Art for Healing team I am lucky to have a colleague by the name of Carol Cavalaris who produces the most beautiful artwork and poems. Carol has had some hard times in her Read More

Healing Art

2nd December 2015 0

I am a member of the Fellowship of Authors and Artists which aims to promote and encourage the use of writing and all art forms as a means of therapy and self-healing. I am also a Read More

Colour Creates the Mood

25th November 2015 0

Have a look around the room you are sitting in and look at how colour creates the mood.  What is the predominant colour in this room? Take account of not just the colour in the Read More

Your Art Can Heal – part two

23rd November 2015 2

Your conscious awareness of the healing benefits activates your deeper, creative sub-conscious awareness as you make your art. When you embark upon these discoveries, the healing qualities become naturally integrated into your creative process, and into the work itself. Read More

Your Art Can Heal – part one

15th November 2015 2

In ancient times, art was believed to have magical, healing powers, capable of taking people to a deeper state of consciousness. Art was seen as a gift from an unseen dimension, and was considered a Read More

How do we look at art?

13th November 2015 0

In this series of articles I am going to explore how we look at art, the part that colour plays in our lives and how art can contribute to health and well being.  This first Read More

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