Your Art Can Heal – part three

Your art can heal part three
Crystalline Twilight Reflections

In part two, you explored the list of healing needs.

In part three of this series, you’ll uncover more elements revealing how your art can heal. You’ll get access to a revealing and empowering list of healing benefits that your art already has. You’ll explore deeper realizations of how you, your art, and your audience are part of a marvelous synergy…

Crystalline Twilight Reflections Joel Bruce Wallach
Crystalline Twilight Reflections
Joel Bruce Wallach

Let’s understand the people who might be potential fans of your work. They are interacting with your work. But it’s more than a visual experience. Your audience has needs, and your work offers healthy options; remedies, in a way.

We think of remedies as fixing something that is sickly or broken, but that’s a narrow definition. If you’re feeling sad, you don’t need to make the sad feeling go away, as if it were a disease. But you might feel better by broadening your outlook to include fresh possibilities, and this expanded view is what your healing art can offer.

Change can be gradual and gentle, and if your art offers beauty – harmony – color – balance – and is uplifting in any way, this offers the viewer an expansion of their consciousness. So you don’t need to shift their sad feeling to a hilarious or bouncy feeling. Actually, that might be a bit much.

Your art is in your audience’s personal space, and you have the chance to expand their consciousness with images that gradually uplift the viewers, every time they see your work. This is genuine healing, though it happens gradually and with subtlety.

It’s empowering to honor the many ways that your works can uplift your viewers. You can use this list to see the healing treasures within your work.

For download and printout:

The Healing Benefits Your Art Offers To Your Fans – healing secrets revealed that are already living in your art

The list above details these healing benefits that your art offers:

Briefly, your art can offer the viewer a sense of: connection; calm; awe; enlivening; love; integration; naturalness; acceptance; possibilities; beauty; wholeness; energy; extraordinary; rapture; innocence; simplicity.

As you consider each item on the list, glance over your catalog, and you’ll realize that your art aligns with several of these benefits. For example, you may find that the beauty and harmony of a nature scene can help people who are feeling anxious, sad, nervous, or who feel that their surroundings are drab. This frees you from seeing any of your artworks as merely nice, pretty, or pleasant. You begin to appreciate the benefits you’re sharing with your audience.

A Personal Exploration – How Your Art Offers Healing Benefits

  • Which items on the list would the beauty of your work help heal?
  • Are the harmonious compositions in your work likely to help various healing needs on the list?
  • Are some of your works calming, and are some of your works expansive or inspiring? Which items on the list would these qualities address?
  • Which of your works expresses simplicity, or child-like qualities? The benefits?
  • Which of your works are bright, colorful, and bold? What needs might that address?
  • Which of your works convey a sense of something deeper, sacred, mysterious, or generate awe or reverence? How many healing benefits can you find on the list?

As you discover the many ways that your work can contribute to healing, you may find that you’re developing a deeper respect for your own body of work. You may discover new ways to arrange or categorize your works. You may find ways to describe your works in a way that includes a subtle mention of these healing benefits.

If the wording here doesn’t suit your writing style, rewrite the healing benefits in your own way of speaking. It’s your art, so share your own personal understandings, experiences, and truth with your fans that are ready to explore and benefit from owning your art.

Pearly Mountain Sky Joel Bruce Wallach
Pearly Mountain Sky
Joel Bruce Wallach

Now that you recognize how your art can make a difference, you’re ready to know how and why this healing power exists within your art…

The secret is that your art is more than the sum of your artistic skills!

Your artwork expresses a marvelous combination of powerful elements that are all integrated together. Here are the elements:

  • You, as a physical and a non-physical energy being.
  • Your thoughts, emotions, and intentions.
  • Your artistic skills.
  • Your fan’s thoughts, emotions, and intentions.
  • The environment where the artwork is displayed.
  • The deeper underlying energy or consciousness of the universe.

About the last item above, you can call this universal energy whatever name you like, whether you prefer terms from religion, spiritual studies, science, or quantum physics.

When a fan sees your art, the viewing experience brings these elements together, in a new healing synergy. The energy of the environment is transformed.

This is why your art can uplift, inspire, and transform people at more levels than you’ll ever fully comprehend. But you can certainly explore the possibilities, and talk about the benefits when you consider what your art is doing for you, and for your audience.

You now have an approach to exploring how your art can heal. Keep uplifting and inspiring humanity. May your work bring your fans peace, delight, and wellbeing on many levels.

In part four, we’ll explore the deeper secrets of healing art that have been introduced here, with a focus on how you can experience and utilize the energy of your art, the energy of yourself, and the energy of the universe.

Purple Mountain Flow Joel Bruce Wallach
Purple Mountain Flow
Joel Bruce Wallach
About joelbrucewallach
The natural world is a sacred, multidimensional reality that carries healing power, for it is a mirror of your own infinite self. When you see the shapes and designs of nature, you are seeing patterns called fractals. These harmonious fractal shapes resonate profoundly with your inner self, to activate well-being for your body, calmness for your emotions, creative stimulation for your mind, and divine peace for your soul. Many people feel limited and fragmented by modern life, and they yearn for balance and healing. Art that transforms you helps gently reshape your energies into harmonious alignment, to cultivate a feeling of unity and wholeness. Utilizing lustrous textures, vivid patterns, bold colors, and psychedelic radiance, the medium of digital art empowers me to express the shimmering brilliance of Nature. The process involves dozens of carefully designed, richly colored layers, to create jewel-like images that inspire and delight. The post-impressionist innovations of Van Gogh, expressing the vibrating presence of nature, have deep meaning for me, as does the refined sparkling elegance of Seurat's pointillism. I am moved by Art Nouveau, with its beautifully flowing, nature-inspired themes, and by the mystical stained-glass imagery of medieval illuminations. Through my decades of experience as a developer of Soul Healing methods in my private practice, I continually see how people's soul light shines when their energy blocks are cleared. I've brought this experience and insight to my transformational healing art, for I truly believe that art has the potential to uplift, heal, and enlighten, even as it delights us with its beauty.

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