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Kitten Flowers




Venice ripples

My aim is to promote life, work and energy balance and I am a Tai Chi instructor and Reiki Master. As well as my artwork, I write poetry and non-fiction.  I am also known by my spirit name Shannathshima.



I am a member of the Fellowship of Authors and Artists which aims to promote and encourage the use of writing and all art forms as a means of therapy and self-healing. I am also a member of The Arts and Healing Network. This is an important focus for my artwork and I have developed a range of healing art images in my Red’s Imaginarium Collection.  I have a number of collections that I have developed, all with a spiritual theme, including Angels Wings, OM and Tree Layers, as well as Umbrian Wild Flowers and Colour Harmony.




My art is a collection of styles from sweeping brush strokes in bright acrylic colours (I usually get literally ‘hands on’ by using my fingers as well), painting on glass and photography.  I also use a variety of digital software to develop my images further with colours and textures. My portfolio of artwork ranges from swirls of energy and application of colour to meditative pieces. 


I also like to play with simple things and see how far I can take them – that led to the development of ‘Barnie Paw Print Designs’ which are a series of designs based around a set of my dog Barnie’s paw prints found in what should have been pristine concrete! 

You can join me on Facebook and on Twitter to keep up-to-date with my latest work and perhaps have a chat. You can also sign up for my art blog which I post every Monday and Thursday.

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