Do you remember?

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Do you remember?

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Do you remember?

Remember the feeling of love/passion/heat we felt at the beginning?

The pain/wrench/gut churn of being apart.  The worry/fear when we looked at someone else younger/prettier/smarter/funnier?

Remember making love in the woods/kitchen/bathroom/car/you name it we did it?

Remember our wedding day?  Jitters/nerves/sick butterflies cavorting?

Remember the feeling seeing us at either end of the aisle?  Joy/fear/knowledge/worry/joy?

Remember the joy of coming home and finding us there?  The satisfaction when the first ornament went on the mantelpiece and the first post through our own letterbox?

Remember meeting the neighbours and introducing ourselves as a couple for the first time?

Remember touching the bump and watching the sweater move as if on its own?

Remember the sleepness nights and the green poo?  The baggy eyes, trousers and the ring to sit on?

Remember the moment you let go of the bike without stabilisers and watched the young take flight by themselves?  Do you remember knowing that this was the beginning of them doing it alone?

Remember looking at each other wondering where the spontaneity/freedom/heart lurch had gone?

Do you remember asking yourself if this was all there is as you looked out of the factory window, covered in grime as the youngsters waltzed by?

Do you remember looking at each other knitting/reading/watching television/gardening/washing the car realising that you felt comfortable at last but you still wished……?

Remember the young growing/changing/learning, moving/marrying/birthing?

Do you remember the day we looked in the mirror/at each other and saw old?

Do you remember?

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