Anyone out there into dreams?

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Elephants at the Water Hole - Digital Painting

Anyone out there into dreams?

I dreamed I was taking a child to a farm to pick up eggs for his Mum.  I was a little concerned when I got there as there were Keep Out signs everywhere and a weird old man was staring at me from a barn.  I got out of the car and through a fence I saw the cutest baby elephant.  I opened the gate and went in and found a few baby elephant, seals, kittens, puppies and other adult animals, all walking around together and all happy and well loved.

I sat on the ground and they all crowded around me, while I stroked them and talked to them softly.

The old man came up to me and told me that he had been waiting for me and that I was the new keeper.  Then he vanished and left me with all the animals.

NEVER had a dream like this one and I have had some pretty strange ones.  I know that babies are new beginnings/starts/adventures.  But, the rest of it I am a little lost on.  Anyone?


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8 thoughts on “Anyone out there into dreams?

  1. Joyce Jackson

    May I free form a bit on your dream? It's just a game I'll play to try out giving a dream reading. Maybe it will spark some associations of your own. I can't see the upper right half of the text again today, but I'll work from memory of having seen it.

    The animals are like a Noah's ark symbol. I also see the idea of new beginnings as you have. Extending outward a bit from that, there is the idea of the flood and how it washed away all of the old to make room for the new. There was a purification. A bath. A flood.

    The old man is a deity symbol. Or a father figure. One way (of several) that it can be looked at is in the context of your view that you don't believe in God per se. That he, (if he even ever existed) left you with all the animals is a feeling of abandonment. As in, "How can there be a God when I feel as though I'm alone in this?" This what? This earthly venture? This life. Or does it also tie in with something in your life that is smaller in scope?

    (To me, it's a symbol of the separation or the belief that we're separate from God and by extension from one another as individuals. My new learning is that this never really happened and we're all really joined as One.)

    What is your reaction to being left alone like this – curiosity, fascination, bewilderment, joy, or a mixture of emotions? Healing comes as you see it as a new beginning. You've refreshed and healed yourself. You're ready to move forward again. The purification has freed you from attachments to a past that no longer exists, that was holding you back. (You don't need to know whether or not there is a God. It has no relevance to whether or not you heal yourself.)

    You began as a child (innocence). Acceptance from others was difficult at first. (Keep out signs.) But you held onto your innocence which protected you from harm. The animals gave you comfort. Expresses your love for animals, but also represents your most effective methods for finding joy and comfort when presented with seeming obstacles. Is is a piece from a past life when you found love, peace, joy, and healing when you spent prolonged periods of time with animals, and were particularly fond of elephants? (Maybe.)

    Your leadership qualities have come to the fore. I see this quite often with people named Elizabeth. The queen. The female leader archetype. Someone charged with special responsibilities. Someone who leads large numbers or groups of people as a part of her life's purpose.

    You're teaching yourself that when you are at peace internally ("I sat on the ground"), others are naturally drawn to you. They take comfort from sharing with you ("…they all crowded around me"). As do you take comfort from sharing with them.

    You will be naturally drawn using your leadership characteristics as you carve your destiny. It's your path to restoring yourself and the beings (creatures or otherwise)who populate your dreams to health and happiness. It's your way home.

  2. Joyce Jackson

    Re: blocked. There's a partial view of the typical IE page text that says, "The web page cannot be found." It looks like a rectangle has been clipped from that IE page, and it's covering up the righthand side of your 1st 2 paragraphs. I.e, your 1st line reads, "I dreamed I was taking a child to a farm to pick u"… the rest is blocked over by the IE page. That continues below it for each successive line in 1st & 2nd paragraph.

    It was covering a different area of the text the 1st time I read it. The lower righthand part was hidden behind the IE rectangle.

  3. Joyce Jackson

    Re: the boob dream, a loose interpretation(?) My MIL just had breast cancer surgery. My sister-in-law, her son's wife had breast cancer surgery just a year or so ago. My mind was on my breast health in waking state. I was bored when I wrote here about it. It's a topic I'd usually keep quiet about to maintain privacy, but my boredom outed me. This is akin to how an artist can get motivated by boredom to publicly show h/her work, despite reservations about exposing something so personal. While sometimes it may not be a good idea to openly express our thoughts about breasts, they are actually a very public thing. It's hard to ignore them when they're constantly in view, right out in front of you, like a painting on a wall. I made amusement out of a delicate subject by creating. I transmuted my fears into a Picasso style scene to express my artistic side. It helped me to relax and laugh about it. It took away some of the sting of fear and shame that exposing vulnerabilities can impose. We as artists are prone to exposing our vulnerablities. I think it may have been an attempt at healing a part of my mind. Perhaps it will work that way for anyone who can relate.

    1. Prone to exposing our………..totally agree. I have often been told I wear my heart on my sleeve.

      I also agree about healing. One of my poems here did that for someone. It makes it worthwhile baring our souls for all to see if it helps one person.

  4. Joyce Jackson

    Is this TMI? I dreamed I was looking in the mirror and realized I couldn't find my left boob. Then I found it behind my arm, so I slid it back into place and repositioned it where I thought it should be. LOL

    1. EEEEK! I would not have liked that one. I seem to remember one like that about my stomach though. My bottom was in its place. I think this may just be a typical girly dream though.

  5. Joyce Jackson

    The end of the dream text is blocked on my browser. Darn!

    Sounds like the FAA owner wants to jump ship and leave some tasks to you. Or something similar. Gotta admit, FAA forum can be rather zoo-like at times. LOL

    1. Blocked? How so? 🙁

      LOL I hope he doesnt lol

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