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When did you first become interested in art?

My answer is a bit more complicated than just giving you a time and date… 🙂  I’ve always loved all forms  of art and even as a little girl I was very much interested in art.  I frequented Fine Art galleries in Krakow, where I grew up. I was moved by the magic that each image contained. This one stands out in my memory –

Szał uniesień (Ecstasy) ~ Polish painter Władysław Podkowiński (1866-1895), oil on canvas painting (1894)

I think that I’ve always been creative, but I never thought that I was artistic. I looked at art as something to be appreciated and as something that was done by others, never thinking that I could be creating it myself.  And for a long time, long into my adulthood, I was convinced that I had no talent of any kind. This made me very sad because I desperately longed for ways to express myself.  It wasn’t until 2007 when after dealing with some very intense personal issues, I  found my voice on paper and in oil pastels and I created my first abstract – “My Soul on Fire”


What style of art do you use most?

I don’t have a clear-cut answer for this question either. The style that I use is “my style.” 😉 It is partially abstract, partially realism, same fantasy, some portraits, landscapes, and whatever else I feel like creating at the time. I don’t what to limit myself to a particular style because that would feel too constricting to me.  My Art is all about freeing my soul and so it must remain without constraints.

Has your style changed from when you first began as an artist?

I wouldn’t say that my style has changed, but maybe my technique. I’ve become better in how I represent what I want to express. My perspectives are better, my color combinations and the flow of energy has improved greatly.

What medium do you use?

Mainly acrylics.

What made you choose that medium?

I started painting with oil pastels because I loved the vibrancy of all the colors and being able to mix and spread the pastels on paper with my fingers. The only drawback was that I had to stay on relatively small sized paper. When I wanted to paint on much bigger canvas, I switched to acrylics and oils. I love oils for their texture, but dislike having to wait for them to dry so, I add different gels and other mediums to my acrylics to give them a lot of body and texture.

Do your ideas come from life or imagination?

I paint mainly from my imagination or rather from my emotions. The name of my Art Business is Pure Emotion Art because I paint what I feel.

How do you choose your images and colors?

My emotions translate into color and movement and then I transfer then onto canvas. I start with a basic feeling and build from there. Many times, my painting will start out looking one way, but end up looking completely different.  Or, I’ll finish a piece and set it aside, then come back to it and change it so it looks totally different. I tell myself that I need a vault where I should lock up my finished pieces and only my friend should have a key,  that way I would stop messing up my finished works… 😉

Do you work in a studio?

I work in a private studio located in my residence. I converted my spare bedroom into a very comfortable workspace. It’s not big, but it has all that I need, plus I do have double French doors leading onto a small second-story deck where I can paint during the summer.


Who is your favorite artist?

It seems like most of my answers are not simple ones…. I have many favorite artists and may favorite artworks. If I had to make a decision right here right now, I think I would have to say that Georgia O’Keeffe’s bright paintings are some of my favorites, especially her colorful flowers –


What is your favorite piece of work by yourself?

Almost everything I paint becomes my favorite. I put my heart and soul into everything I paint so it has to be something I adore. The longer I paint something, the more attached and connected to it I become.
One of  my newest pieces is “Passion.”


How much time (on average) does it take to complete a work?

Another tough question… I’ve finished a large painting in one night because I was inspired so much that I just couldn’t put down the paint brush and painted the whole night through. Then, I have a painting I stared over a year ago and have not been able to get it done, but I guess an average commission takes me about four weeks and a non-commission, something that comes completely from within, can take me a few hours.

How well do you take criticism?

Well, constructive, positive, well-meant criticism is always welcomed! I’m always learning and I welcome any input that can help me improve.

What do you do to overcome a ‘block’?

Block, what block? ;-} I’ve been painting non-stop for the past year and a half.

How do you know something is ‘finished’? Is it easy to walk away?
When I think a painting is finished, I set it aside and don’t look at it for a few days. Then I come back to it. If I don’t see anything at that time I want to change, it’s done. If  it doesn’t feel finished, I work on it some more!

Have you had exhibits in galleries?

Yes, since I started sharing my artwork with the public in 2010, I had several gallery exhibits and have been in several juried art festivals.  My debut solo exhibition was at the Tai Sophia Institute Himmelfarb Gallery, in Laurel, Maryland (Dec. 2010 –Feb. 2011), following I was in a joined exhibit at the American Institute of Architects, Baltimore, Maryland (March– Apr., 2011), and then at the Adler Gallery, Baltimore, MD (Aug – Oct. 2011). I also had a solo and a joint exhibit at the Yellow Dog Tavern in Canton, MD (May – Jul. 2011 and Aug. – Oct. 2011).

Have you any exhibits in galleries planned for the future?

Yes, I am scheduled to exhibit at the Adler Gallery in January 2012, an Art Guild at my work exhibit also in January. In addition, I am joining two more local galleries which will be having exhibits. Also, I am applying for several local call for artists and many juried art festivals for the upcoming season.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on two pet portrait commissions and two winter themed paintings.

What are your plans for the future?

Continue painting, get into galleries, sell, sell, sell and get discovered by some big art promoter so that I can quit my full-time job and do art full-time!!!

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

Just to be true to myself.

What advice would you give new artists?

Since I myself am still a new artist, I would give myself this advice – stick with it and surround myself with people who truly want to help and support me.

Have you done any courses to help you?

I have taken a beginning oil paining class and a sketching class. These were both helpful in that they gave me some techniques that I did not posses since I have never taken any art classes.

What do you do to market your work?

I am on the internet on many different art-related websites.,,,,,,

I go to art festivals and give out cards and flyers, I talk to anyone and everyone who will listen to me about my artwork. I network with other artists. I’ve created an on-line support group for artists at (–maryland-art-networking-group.html)

Do you use social networking in your day to day life?


Are you available for work (commissions)?


Have you got hobbies?

My DOGS. I  have  three dogs – two German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs), Gretchen and Rorie and a little Pekingese, Yoshi (my newest addition).  Before I was so involved with my art, I was extremely involved with my GSDs. I trained them every day in obedience, tracking, agility and personal protection.  They are my little loves and we do everything together and as you can see from this picture, we even take them to the beach!

Where are you based?

Baltimore,  Maryland

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  1. April

    Ania, you are an amazing inspiration to young artists like myself.

    See all your different stylies and even pet portraits makes me want to try
    to break free from my comfort zone and try something new.

    I love you’re work because you paint from the heart.

    1. Ania

      What a wonderful thing to say!!! I so appreciate it!!!

  2. Ania Milo

    Thank you Thelma!!!

  3. Thelma Hendrix

    Awsome getting to know you better Ania, great art always:)

  4. What a delight to get to know Ania a little better. I was honored to have the opportunity to meet her recently, when she very kindly organized the art exhibit at the Yellow Dog last August. She is lovely!!!!!! And to see her sweeping, majestic art in person is quite an experience!!!!! Wonderful interview, Ania!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh Lois, thank you!!! You are so wonderful yourself!

      Your photography is fabulous, just as the artist behind the lens. We definitely have to get together again!


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