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I am and find it exceptionally like a cleaner, gamefree, Facebook but with massive differences.

Firstly as I just said, it is less cluttered.  Pristine and white the newness of this social media site almost makes you think of Google+ as a new house that needs decorating after Facebook with its cramped, blue theme.

Also the friends do not seem to have status areas for you to write in like Facebook and it can be a little confusing to find out where you are going…..oh wait, that’s not different to FB after all lol


Seriously though Google+ started with a bang and I am really hoping it doesnt end with a fizzle like Googles other venture seems to have, Google Wave, of which I am also a member.  Actually that isn’t fair.  Google Wave is still going but it’s a very different kettle of fish to Google +

Status of Google Wave

As we announced in August 2010, we are not continuing active development of Google Wave as a stand-alone product, but have been working hard on the open source Wave in a box project and on making waves accessible through Google Docs.

We wanted to let you know that we will keep running past December 31, 2010 until a suitable replacement to host all your waves is available. In the meantime, you can now use the export feature to download a zipped version of up to ten waves at a time.

Additionally, Wave in a Box, the project to make it easy for anyone to host their own wave server, has made significant progress on both functionality and community growth. Just last week, the Apache Software Foundation accepted Wave into its incubator for new projects.
Thanks yet again to all our users for giving Wave a try with your schools, businesses and organizations and to the developers who are working on the next steps for the open source project!

Google Team

When people started drifting in to the +, there were screams of outrage over the Terms of Service.   I remember exactly the same screams when Facebook started up but they still managed to gain 750 million users who upload their art and photos at an alarming rate.  An article has been pointed out to me today that you may like to read and it settles the fears for many over just what the TOS actually means to artists and photographers, How I Evaluate Terms of Service for Social Media Web Sites – Google+.

Anyway, less of my waffle.  What is Google+ and is it worth joining?

Google+ is made up of 5 basic areas.

Like FB it has a wall where you can view your Circles updates

Like FB it has a profile area where you see just your updates and comments left on those by members of your Circles


CIRCLES – Circles are the network categories that you put your contacts into.  Such as Friends, family, work colleagues, etc.  You can actually write a post and then set a circle of people who will see that post.  The other people in the other circles will not see it.   I think this is an amazing addition that will be very handy for people that do not wish to let everyone see everthing they write.  You may not like your boss to see the dirty joke you tell your friends for example.

CIRCLES - Click to enlarge

HANGOUT – Massively popular I see this being.  You can chat to a group of up to 10 people, all using webcam, all at once.  Great for a work meeting or a family get together!

SPARKS – I love this already.  Pop in a keyword (1stAngel for example) and it will feed you everything it finds that is being written about 1stAngel so you can keep up to date with your favourite subjects.  I have Gardening, Fine Art America and 1stAngel but will probably add more as I get time.

You can get Google+ on the Android already but iPhone users have to make do with a webapp.  Still not bad at all and very quick.

Supported phones

Availability Android™ iPhone® Blackberry®* Nokia™/Symbian* Windows® Mobile*
Native app 2.1+ – Android Market Coming soon
Web app – access in your browser 1.5+ iOS 3+/iPad 6.0+

*Some platforms may only support the basic XHTML site.


Coming Soon

Get Google+ for your mobile device

So, is it worth joining?  I say a 100% yes!  I am there, I love it, I see good things for it.  If you get there, add me to a circle on your +,

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