My Canvas Is Behind Me

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The canvas is behind me
I just can’t bear to look
To see it makes me weepy
Like a chef who can no longer cook
or a bird who cannot fly
a dog who has no tail
The lack of ideas is endless
and makes me want to wail
I’ve tried the usual standbys
countryside walks and such
but my brain is staying paintless
my muse talks double dutch
I need to draw again
My heart is aching sadly
but for now the canvas is at my back
and I am writing poetry…badly!
©Elizabeth Edwards 2012

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2 thoughts on “My Canvas Is Behind Me

  1. Andee

    Maybe you need time away from all art. Do something far away from art to bring you back. Or immerse yourself in it completely and do a little finger painting. Squish the paints in your fingers and make it abstract.

    1. sounds good … messy and good 🙂

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