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Everything you Need to Know About Adding QR Codes to Your Business Card

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They may look like normal bar codes, but QR Codes are actually something much more powerful. Instead of being limited to only a few characters, this relatively new technology allows a great deal of information to be stored as well as links to online websites that only require a simple scan to activate. Many companies today are asking the question of whether they should start adding these new QR Codes to their business cards. A closer look shows why the new technology is extremely valuable and helps to answer that question.

Are QR Codes Necessary?

Back when QR Codes were introduced in 1994, they had a very specific function – to add more information to auto parts during the manufacturing process. However, they would not come into modern use for another 15 years or so. The realization that QR Codes could be easily read by the latest generation smartphones set off a wave of new apps for reading the codes, many of which have become standard as smartphones and other devices have improved. With the majority of all modern mobile devices being able to scan and remember QR Codes, they have become ubiquitous as an easy way for information to link a business with potential customers. As the technology becomes even more widespread, they are turning into a necessary item that can be used in many different functions.


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Creating A QR Code and Implementation

The good news is that making a QR Code is extremely easy. There are countless services online that will generate a new code completely free of charge and it takes just a few minutes to link the code to an online website. The destination of this link can be anything that a person chooses, ranging from a link to a business’s website or to an event that is being advertised on social media platforms, such as Facebook. Before creating any printed materials or bringing the QR Code into common use, it should be tested to make sure that the linking strategy works perfectly.

Print Business Cards

One of the more obvious applications of using QR Codes is by printing them on business cards. Any decent printing shop should be able to take the source image of the code and transfer it to the business card design. There are also websites that allow a person to design their business card complete with the code and then create a digital image that can be given to the printing shop. The advantage of adding a QR Code to business cards is that space is no longer an issue and any person receiving the card will have a quick link to more information about the business or event.

QR Codes may seem like only a passing trend, but the truth is that they are here to stay. With nearly all new smart devices including a QR Code reader as standard software and widespread adoption, a company that wants to show off their technology-friendly side should definitely add one of the codes to their business cards and other promotional materials.

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