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My name is Raiyan Talkhani and I am an ink artist currently staying in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was because of my obsession with patterns I chose to get into arts. I also enjoy reading books and writing. Feel free to contact me at
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Lulu is a cleverly designed website that has a layout similar to that we see in a common blog, but has added troops of visual content organized in pages, to limit the need of reading instructions on every step.

Signing up for the site was a breeze and managing the account seemed just too easy to be true.


To test how user friendly this site really was, I decided to publish a book, which was one of the many services provided by this website, (Other publishing services include eBooks, Photo Books, Calenders, Cook Books, Poetry Books, Year books, Wedding Books and Portfolios).

I was overwhelmed by the variety of choices provided by the site as, the only options I was expecting, was paperback or hard cover.

I could choose from the size of the book, shape, whether I wanted it in black and white, or color and, to top it all off, I got to decide what I wanted the cover and the back of the book to look like. It was like being a kid in a candy shop all over again.

One might think you would need to be a rocket scientist to run an account on a page like this, but that is not true.  Lulu has organized each option in form of illustration, or photographs, with a sentence or two describing what clicking on each image does.   Not only that, it only shows one set of options per page, (eg. on the first page of book publishing, you only have to choose between paper back or hard cover, next page you have to write the title of the book, etc).

The content of all available resources are all compared using tables, which make it easier to find the differences and make each choice you would be satisfied with.

I would rate 4/5.

One rating down as I faced difficulties with the templates and the options seemed just too limited when it came to designing the cover for the book.

RATING out of 5

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  1. Hi Raiyan, thank you so much for sharing your insights about our site here. We are very grateful for your feedback and appreciate you sharing it with your readers.
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  2. I have used Lulu and it is a great service. I published my daughters book which I then gave to relatives etc. I am a christian minister, not at all techy but had no problems using the site.
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  3. I have republished my 5 books previously published as hardbacks. I agree the templates can be a bit of of problem at first, but I worked my way through the processess and am delighted with my paperbacks which are now available on

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