Into the Dark – a collection of short poems by Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards Releases Her New Poetry Book Into The Dark

January 5th, 2013 – Manchester, UK

Elizabeth Edwards, more often known for her work promoting artists on her 1stAngel Arts Magazine ( has dipped her feet into the writing world by publishing her first small collection of dark poems,

 “Absolutely wonderful Beth. I feel the angst and the fear. A very emotional experience.” David Lane

Her work is almost gothic in its content, minus the fictional vampires but, containing darkness and evil, nonetheless.
‘I led a very, erm, interesting life before coming back to art; said Elizabeth. ‘I have taken from that life in my writing. Everything I write about I have some experience of’

The book contains 10 short poems and that may seem few but, you will find yourself reading these many times as they are very intense.

” Read them all twice, and I am impressed – you are a survivor indeed, my friend” Syd Baker

From exotic dancing to death by steel, I suggest you grab a copy for those late nights reading……..

I received your book of poetry in the mail a few days ago. Words are just not adequate to describe what I am feeling. I have read, re read and read again all of the poems. I have led a long, never dull, life and certainly never seemed to pick the ‘safe’ routes along the way but I could never express, as you have so brilliantly and so incredibly courageously, the emotions associated with some of these experiences. You have an unique and special gift for communication. My only wish would be that this could find it’s way to a best seller list somewhere… there are so many people that would be grateful to read your powerful words… as I am. I will treasure this… thank you for writing it. Catherine Howard


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    Absolutely wonderful Beth. I feel the angst and the fear. A very emotional experience.