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I LOVE making bread.  Okay, actually that is not strictly true.  As a lazy person I do not like actually having to get started on the bread BUT, I do LOVE eating fresh bread 🙂

Fresh bread in my kitchen.  Nothing better :)
Fresh bread in my kitchen. Nothing better 🙂

How I make Bread

measure out

1kg string white bread flour
625ml warm water
3 sachets dried yeast
2 tsp honey

Put the flour in your bowl and make a well
add the honey to the water, making sure its all melted in
add the yeast to the warm water and pour immediately into the well in the flour

Using your CLEAN hand like a blender, work around the well quickly, pulling in the flour to the water

keep doing that until all the water and flour are mixed and then sprinkle the worktop with flour and pop the mixture out of the bowl onto the worktop

knead the dough for a good time, pulling and folding, folding and pulling.

Place the dough mix back into the bowl and pop into a warm, dark space, covered in a towel for half an hour

Get out two large loaf tins and grease

The dough should have raised to at least double the size.  Pop back onto a floured worktop and knead again for a while.  Really work it.  I use the kneading times as part of my work out exercise to get rid of those chicken wings 😉

Okay, now it’s kneaded for the second time, pop it in two halves into the loaf tins

Place back in the warm dark room under a towel for a good 45 minutes

Once risen, place in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 200c

You know it is cooked when, if you tap it on the bottom, it sounds hollow

Place on a rack to cool off slightly, not totally and then slice off the crust, butter and eat 🙂

You can freeze the spare loaf 🙂

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