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Sitting in the chair, head back and eyes closed
I listen to rock and roll
Tap Tapping my brain bip bopping
Remembering a day back of beyond

Man smiles and holds out hand
I stand, grinning inanely with shyness
petticoats flare as he whirls me up, down, around

are my knickers showing?

bobby socks leafy and grassy from our roll in the hedge
once the club was closed

what was his name?

I remember the wedding,
people unknown staring as I stood alone waiting
He never showed
we partied anyway.  Rock and roll tracks blaring deafening my pain

I remember HIS name

Sitting in my chair, head back, eyes closed I listen to rock and roll
brain bopping and remembering
Hot steamy nights.  sheets sticky and tying my legs
music in my head and the room as we danced

I remember we were in love

Moving to the rhythm of the bands
Moving in time to the music

I remember the music but not the words

Rock and roll on the car radio
fingers tap tapping in time to the beat
turning the dial to find more
feeling the heat on my face through the window
enjoying the tempo

I remember the squeal of brakes drowning out the music

Sitting in my chair, head back, eyes closed
the music fading out
the battery has died
no more rock and roll

I remembered the crash

No more rock and roll

nothing else to remember


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  1. I love the passion that exudes from this poem, and the echo of the absence of it.

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