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pretty colours shining bright
twinkle twinkle
hand reaching for the object
grin plastered across face

Happy laughter from the children in the road
as they smash a ball against fence
then charge away kicking to each other

watches wistfully through window then looks back
as attention again on glittering ball behind

soft hand strokes face as mother looks on sadly

food plasters walls as temper throws it off the plate
crash and splatter as plastic spoon hits a door

gentle crying heard as mother looks on sadly

Fathers voice stern as object placed in mouth and tasted
sharp slap to hand

as father looks on angrily

lots of crying in the background and no bright colours

everyone looks on sadly as grin plastered across face helping self to sandwiches

many people not known walk around and give sweeties in bright colours
no mother and no father here. Man said they went away forever now.

no one here is sad apart from the child


Isabella FA Shores
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Isabella FA Shores

Founder at 1stAngel Arts
I live in Sale, Cheshire, England, and am happily sharing my life with a mental budgie, two Alsatian puppies, and a long-suffering, sculptor-boyfriend . . . not necessarily in that order. 🙂 Often accused of being an insufferable know it all, I often do, but more often do not.
Isabella FA Shores
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