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I am doing yet another giveaway of a small poster.

This one is of a popular painting called Living On The River

Living on narrowboats is my dream and what I am working towards.  To have one of these for a home is exactly what I have been waiting for my whole life and would complete it

Narrowboats were used many years ago in the industrial age, for transporting goods cheaply north to south and vice versa.  Canals and riverways criss-cross England, Scotland and Wales and, although some areas are now cut off and out of action, it is still used even today by some companies and for some produce

Many people buy narrowboats are hired out for holidays and some are floating restaurants.

I want one for a home.

With that in mind I painted Living on the River and added my nickname to its bow

This was one of my first ever oil paintings and not as polished as my later ones and, for that reason alone, I believe it has a certain naive charm to it that should be a talking point in any home.

narrowboat painting and print by Isabella Shores


Simply comment on the post in the area below.  If you would like to share the contest I would be grateful also 🙂

ENDS 14th October 2013

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8 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY Living on the River print

  1. Christi Kraft WINS THE PRINT

  2. PPCork

    Lovely painting…your passion for the narrow boats and dream of living on one shows through in the painting. Very lively with colors…to me it conveys “inspiration”. Nicely done!

  3. My wife finally got her motor home, and I can’t think if a better place to hang a print of this awesome painting… Living on the river— living on the road… Hand in hand!

  4. I do love your boat images. 🙂 I grew up spending hours on the water–I’ve always been fortunate to live near rivers and lakes. Feels like home.

  5. Lovely print! That would be a peaceful life, living on the water. Me and my husband’s dream is to live near the beach…or at least have a “Summer home” there. God bless!

  6. Paul Gulliver

    Great painting, I hope your dream of living on one comes true soon

  7. john baker

    This is a painting that will always be with me, as it was my first ‘favorite’ when getting to know the artist. I feel like I know it so well that I named the fellow “Bill”.
    A long time later, I saw an episode of Globe Trekker where the traveler spent time on the canals, spoke to a couple who live on a narrowboat and rode on one that two young men pole up and down for tourists.
    I was pleased to have already known most of everything the show talked about and displayed, simply from having paid attention to the artist’s comments along the way, and from picking up bits and pieces of info here and there after having had my interest fueled by the artist.

  8. I Love your Longboat paintings… How awesome it would be if I was lucky enough to win this…It would look perfect in our Motor home. I am hoping that you are SOON able to live your dream!

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