Inventive Ways to Post Parcels and Gifts

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Inventive Ways to Post Parcels and Gifts

Whether we are planning to send a computer to Canada or a pillow to Poland, we are faced with a number of options when choosing a carrier. Thanks to increasingly efficient transport systems, parcels, packages, envelopes and jiffy bags can traverse whole continents in no time at all, and for a price that will prove to be surprisingly affordable.

Affixing a label on a cardboard box is all that’s needed to start the process, but there are many more diverse methods currently available. Any potential despatcher who is looking for something a little different may want to consider more inventive ways to get a particular item from A to B. Here are four that would truly capture the imagination.

From Russia with love

Traditional Russian dolls have been a favourite with children for many years, and there is something wildly exciting about uncovering every doll, each one a slightly smaller version of its predecessor. Sending a small parcel via a courier service seems like a relatively basic operation, but the whole process can be jazzed up by incorporating a range of boxes of varying sizes.

For the recipient, opening each box can make the occasion an extra special one. As the anticipation rises, he or she will be in a state of wonder as each box is jettisoned. If the final one contains a particularly impressive product, such as a piece of jewellery or an item of exotic clothing, it will make the unveiling a special event indeed.

A tagged treat

Children love to receive gifts in the mail, but it can be extra special if they’re sent via a reliable parcel delivery service. And although they might like to receive a cardboard box with a present inside, it can be more memorable if the item arrives on its own, unencumbered by wrapping paper, boxes or plastic bags.

Therefore, why not send a teddy bear with an address label tied to its arm? Not only would the delivery bring immediate pleasure to the recipient, it would also be pleasingly reminiscent of the much-loved literary character Paddington Bear, who arrived at Paddington Station from Peru with a label attached to his coat asking people to look after him. Just make sure that you are using a same-day courier service, instead of a normal overnight courier as couriers will not usually accept unpackaged items for delivery. Sending marmalade sandwiches under the bear’s hat might not be such a good idea either!

The hidden message

In recent years, love-struck men and women have dreamed up ever more inventive ways to tell their partners how they feel. One method is to send a gift that doesn’t appear to be anything particularly special, but with a little effort on the part of the recipient can display a hidden message that soon becomes apparent.

Examples include CDs that contain a series of favourite songs and specially recorded comments, balloons which feature declarations of love once they are inflated and a jar of sweets which has messages on the bottom which will only be seen when the contents are consumed. If that special person is living in another country, a special delivery from an international courier can serve as a great reminder of their loved one’s feelings.

The 31 days of romance

One way to make a bold statement is to incorporate a new twist on the traditional 12 Days of Christmas theme. It would be fun to send a special friend or relative a different gift on each day of a given month. For example, a book on day one, a pair of ear-rings on day two, three bottles of good quality wine on day three, etc.

By the end of the month, when he or she receives a small box from a parcel courier containing 31 jelly beans, chocolate limes or any other favourite confectionery, the sender will be in that person’s good books forever. It may take some imagination to decide what to send, but the effort will surely be more than worth it.

With so many ways to send items with speed and efficiency these days, it’s apparent that we have come a long way since the times when we dropped a message in a bottle or tied a communication to the leg of a pigeon. If you’re thinking of sending an item in the coming weeks, why not consider doing it in style…!

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