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To be totally truthful with you, no matter what western I watched, I always cheered for the Indian and booed the cowboy. But, no matter who I cheered for, I would sit eating up every line, repeating word for word the script of Shane, or the Virginian….and John Wayne could do no wrong…unless he beat up the aforementioned Indian of course.

I overdosed on western. If the wild west was involved, I watched it, or read it!

As I got older I got bored with them. I had read them all…seen them all and just could not’ve bothered any longer. Until recently that is. Suddenly my interest repeaked. Perhaps it was knowing my favorite actor is playing Tonto in a new Lone ranger… 😉

So, I started painting scenes from my memories of those million movies and books.

Here are my first two……



Not sure how many I will do, or even if I will do any more but, it’s been fun reliving the wild, wild west….if only for a little while

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2 thoughts on “cowboys

  1. These cowboy paintings are Awesone! Love ’em

    1. Thank you so much Dan xx

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