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2013-11-01 11.04.16

I finished this painting, called ‘The Conversation’ last year.  I loved it butttt……..  I just always felt flat when looking at it.  I mean I loved my idea, I loved the characters etc but, well it was bland.  Lacking any feeling.

So, this morning, I took it out of its storage and looked at it again.  The sky just looked blandly back.  The shadows were dull and the highlights were low lights

I got out my sponge and skied the sky, with a small brush I highlighted the highlights and deepened the lows and now, yes, much happier!  Seems I have grown as an artist 🙂

Now it is as I imagined it when I first put brush to canvas.  I hope you like it too.

2013-11-01 12.40.26

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2 thoughts on “Revamping another painting

  1. It sure did come alive!! Well done!!

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