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Sometimes, sitting alone, we can suddenly remember things that have not been remembered for a long time.

Weird things bring it on like a smell, sound, or a stray thought about something related.

It can be a happy memory or a sad one.

There can be lost voices in our lives who suddenly break through and speak to you again.  Or,  a fleeting recollection of hair across someone’s eye, a favourite childhood meal, someone’s embrace.


In that one moment the memory hits you with its intensity.  You hear, smell, taste, touch it/him/her/them and your eyes well, hairs tingle and you want to go back there so strongly or forget again so urgently………..

Sometimes, remembering is bitter sweet.

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2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Sad Memories are often Painful Memories.

    1. Very true and something I am definitely finding out this year

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