Dot and Sam

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Dot looked around and smiled at her son.  His chubby face grinned back, loose hair flopped over one eye making him look like a one eyed pirate.

‘Mum! Listen to me!’

‘I am listening sweetheart.’ Dot laughed.  ‘I always listen to you.’

‘Samuel pulled away as most 13 year old boys do from a Mothers hug. He looked so adorable in his school shorts and blazer.

‘I wonder where your father is’ Dot sighed.  ‘He is always late these days.’

She walked into the kitchen.  ‘Would you like something to eat now?’

Samuel followed her in and gently led her back into the lounge.

‘Mum, Dad is not coming home now’

Dot started, her heart in her throat as she stared at Samuel.

Then she remembered and sank down onto the nearest chair.

Gordon had died recently.  His heart had given out they said.  She found it hard when she forgot he was not there.

Crying herself to sleep had become a habit.

‘Do you want a cup of tea?’ Came a mans voice from the kitchen.

She looked up to see a middle aged man walk into the room, a questioning look on his face.

‘Who are you?’  She asked looking around for Samuel.

The man smiled sadly, lines wrinkling up around tired eyes as he did so.

‘Its me Mum.  Samuel.  Your son’

Dot stared at him fighting through the sudden pain of recollection.

Samuel looked at his mum and hated the dementia that had a hold of her.

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4 thoughts on “Dot and Sam

  1. That……..gave me the chills the first time, needed a second reading…that one made me cry. Very visual,I will also remember this story. Really well done, even though I feel tricked! This should be published and sold.

  2. Catherine Howard

    The true mark of good and powerful writing is whether or not it resonates with the reader, touches them in some way and that the story stays in the reader’s mind. I shall remember this story.

    1. I am glad it worked. Thank you so much for commenting x

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