Through The Glass

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He looked at her up and down and she felt his eyes going right through her, to her soul

She knew she should go, she was late meeting her sister already but, she could not break the gaze

She smiled at him, hesitantly.  She has been hurt recently, terribly, and she could not go through that again.  But, she had never seen anything like him before, dark, piercing glare, incredibly cute.  She started to speak and caught herself, feeling stupid.  What could she say to him that he would understand?!  He could not even hear,  separated from her as he was.

She sighed deeply and clasped the collar of her coat together trying to stop the chill going through her.

Should she go to him?  Should she let her heart open again?  What if/when he left her as they all did?  Would she be able to bear it?

As though knowing her thoughts, her hesitation at leaving him, he placed his hand against the glass, and stared at her hopefully.

She gulped and turned away.

Turned slightly, to see his eyes, sad as she moved away, brighten again as she glanced back.

Sighing again, knowing she was beaten, she turned fully and, taking out her purse, walked into the pet shop to buy the small brown puppy.


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  1. Thank you, I needed that relief after Dot and Sam!

    1. Lol! A little light relief 😉

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