Hospital In the Hood

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‘In the next room is a very interesting case’, said Dr Wolfe gesturing towards a closed door with a small grille in the top.

‘Schizophrenic girl.  Two major personalities’  He glanced around at the interns.  ‘She was seemingly normal until the day her Mother sent her out with a package for her Grandmother.  She was seen laughing and joking with friends on her way to her Grandmothers house.  Nothing seemed wrong with her at all, just the same happy little girl she always had been.

‘When she got to her Grandmothers house however, something happened and she turned from a normal girl to a wild, uncontrolled, killer’

The interns gasped and stepped back a bit from the room

‘Yes’ continued Wolfe.  ‘She eviscerated her grandmother. Paramedics and Police say they never saw so much blood.  She killed her in the bedroom where she had been lying, poorly.

‘The strange thing was that they never found the weapon but, there was no doubt it was her who had done it.  When the neigbour, hearing a commotion, walked in and found the scene, the girl was standing next to the bed,  with parts of her grandmothers intestines hanging from her mouth.  The neighbour ran out screaming, not surprisingly perhaps, and called the Police.  By the time they got there the girl had reverted to her normal self and was deep in shock crying over the corpse.’

‘Do you know who the other personality professes to be?’ asked one of the young doctors

‘Yes and this is the part which is where it is very interesting.  It is not human.  It is a wolf. She believes she is a wolf.’

‘So, she killed her Grandmother whilst in the wolf personality and then changed back to her girl personality?’ asked another junior

‘Indeed!’ answered Wolfe.  He sighed happily and motioned them on down the corridor to another door.

The girl in the room sat on her bed listening as the voices faded.  She looked out of the barred window watched the sun go down.  As the moon swept into her room she raised her head and howled.

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