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1stAngel catches up with Joe Symes and The Loving Kind

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I know you will remember these guys. Joe and I first chatted back in August, 2011.  He did a great interview with me and allowed us to add some of his tracks (Joe’s 2011 Interview)

I met up with him again in 2012 when he introduced us to his band. (Joe’s 2012 Interview with The Loving Kind)

Now in 2013 they are gaining even more popularity and have let us know what they have been up to since we last spoke



Hi Joe,

 Great to hear from you again.  Last time we spoke was way back in 2012 and you were telling us about your new band and we met the guys.

 I understand that you have all been exceptionally busy working on your music and gigging.  What have you all been doing since you Talked The Talk with us?  I believe the last thing we heard you had headlined the main stage at the 02 ACADEMY 1 in Liverpool for NOEL GALLAGHER’S High Flying Birds official after-show party.  Sounds awesome!

Joe…Yeah it was a great experience. We really enjoyed it and would do it again. We were asked to be the main support band for Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene/Paul Weller) Two months later. We were at the time only a full band for just over a month.

Dave….Yeah it was a great experience playing at the 02, especially as we were the headlining band. The reception was brilliant and seeing how many people turned up to see us was humbling to be honest. We really appreciated everyone’s support that night and also love the continued support from all our fans.

Colin….Everything has been nonstop. Constant gigs, constant radio sessions, constant magazine interviews (like this one, of course), and now with the album complete…..well, I’m just looking forward to promoting that, and the many other things the band has planned for the future.

Chris…..The lads played the Gallagher and Cradock gigs before I joined, but from what I’ve seen and been told, they were amazing. Personally it’s been manic for myself, firstly getting to know the lads, learning the songs and getting out gigging with them.

Paul…… Working on the album has been my first real recording experience and has certainly kept us busy. It’s great to now have the finished version ready and very soon the physical copies in our hands.


Nice to meet you Chris :) 

Have you written this scifi book yet Colin…?

Colin….Ha! Ha! Well, apart from playing music I do write short stories, which are mainly horror, but that’s for another interview. Emoji

Joe…..What Sci-fi book…?

Chris….I think the Sci-fi book has been put on the back burner while he’s busy writing his new book “The History of Corners.”

Paul….  I prefer the “History of Corners” idea!

Dave…. Ask Colin. ;-)


I look forward to it,  I am a great reader of SciFi and horror!  I expect you to send me a copy of your first book :)


So, what are you all doing at present?

Joe…..We have just finished recording our debut mini album. We have the album launch party at the Zanzibar in Liverpool

Sat 20th July. It will be available to download on iTunes & Spotify and on sale on the night of the gig. We also have management for the band now which is a huge weight off our shoulders.

Chris….Having just finished recording of the album, it’s full steam ahead getting ready for the launch, and getting the promotion done for the release. We have just finished a promo video which is out on our Youtube Channel now.

Dave….As well as what Joe has said, we are continually trying to expand our fan-base throughout the U.K. and with our connections we are able to expand that to certain areas within Europe and the U.S. In addition we are always looking to expand our music making as we like to challenge ourselves musically and stylistically.

Paul…. Bashing round ideas for the new songs as well as compiling promotional material, artwork, graphics E.T.C. It all plays a part in our whole “JS&TLK” experience.

Colin……Apart from working on new material, just living.


That sounds really exciting!   What is next on the agenda?

Joe….We have festivals to play, radio interviews coming up. a lot of band activity till the end of the year.

Dave….We will be promoting this album through interviews and gigs and as I said before, expand the fan-base. In addition we are looking at expanding our merchandise aspect of the band and ensuring we are at the forefront of new ideas and innovations within the music scene in Liverpool and the U.K.

Paul…. I’m looking forward to our videos to accompany the album tracks. There’s no shortage of ideas and they’ll certainly help give people a better idea of what the band is all about. Keep an eye on our You Tube Channel for upcoming releases.

Colin….Yeah, I’m looking forward to doing some more videos, and the nonstop promotion for the album. Who knows, we may go into the studio again sooner than you think. Emoji

Chris….Once the album is released there’s gigs all over the summer, getting it out there. We’re back in the studio at the beginning of September to start the recording for the follow up single.


By the way, did you send me a copy of your latest DVD?

Joe…I’m sure we can get you a copy once it’s released :)

Dave….Again as Joe has said, you will get a copy when it’s released. Enjoy it as I’m sure you will. ;-)

Paul…. It’s being pressed up as we speak and has a good retro vibe about the whole artwork and packaging.

Colin…..Did we?


I really look forward to hearing it.  I love your sound and expect GREAT things from you all :)

Thank you very, very much for chatting and I will (hopefully) hear from you again soon!

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