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Interview with Dan Weatherer – Author

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Dan Weatherer began writing horror after losing his job at the start of 2013, a cruel twist of fate that turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

Discovered and published by Scathe meic Beorh, his first ever tale “The Legend of the Chained Oak” was an immediate success and was made into a movie due Autumn 2014.

His next major project was a solo collection of short stories titled “The Soul That Screamed” (released Oct 23rd 2013.) He will also collaborate with film-maker John Williams in the near future.


He lives in Staffordshire, where is married to his beautiful wife Jenni and is a (proud) full time dad to his daughter Bethany.



I was barefoot. The stones beneath my feet were smooth and warm. Holding a hand up to shield my eyes from the bright sunlight, I caught my first glimpse of the meadow.

Wildflowers of every variety adorned the valley. A lake as clear as purest crystal was also there. I drank all of this in like a person famished. Colours flooded my eyes, birdsong danced through the air, and the beautiful scents of Summer filled me. Among the flowers and the sun, I felt free.


 When did you first become interested in writing?

I had an interest in creative writing from an early age, but after leaving school and falling into the tedious world of work my desire to write became buried beneath the pressures of everyday life.

Boredom during my day job prompted me to try and write a little comedy to only limited success. My writing really only began to take off after I lost my job and turned my efforts to the darker realms of horror.

Has your style changed from when you first began as an author?

I believe so, I still find time to add the odd dash of humour to the occasional story, but I find myself flitting between Poe and Barker styles of writing.

In what way do you usually put down your ideas first?

I start with short notes as the ideas begin to form in my mind. I’ll revisit them over the coming days adding extra little bits, and when I feel I have enough to work with I start the first draft.

What made you choose that medium?

Short notes work better for me, they leave a lot open that I can explore as I write the piece. Sometimes the end result is vastly different to how I imagined the story might run before I started it!

Do your ideas come from life or imagination?

I take inspiration from the strangest places. A vaguely remembered dream, a half heard conversation or historical happenings. My story entitled “Gyll’s Whel” was inspired by a water feature!

How do you choose your characters?

It may sound odd but the characters almost choose themselves. I have an idea of their personality’s and mannerisms even before I begin to type.

Who is your favourite author?

H. P. Lovecraft

What is your favourite piece of work by yourself?

Oh, I cannot answer that. After a piece is edited and published I never revisit them. I enjoy writing all of my stories.

How much time (on average) does it take to complete a work?

It can be as little as a few hours or as much as a few weeks

How well do you take criticism?

It’s always difficult to take negative comments regarding a piece of work you have poured yourself into. I believe it is a valuable skill to take on board constructive criticism. I tend to argue my point at first, before thinking it over and then eight times out of ten I will take it on board.

That wretch Mabel of the Othan and her blood, I fear of greatly. Unkempt & forever cursing the villagers, the harshness of winter must fall at her blame. My own eye hath seen her whisper into the shadows. Her company of squalor & vermin be tainting us all.”

……..The Legend of the Chained Oak

What do you do to overcome a ‘block’?

Stop trying to write. I let it come to me, no matter how long it may take. I am currently in the midst of such a block!

How do you know something is ‘finished’? Is it easy to walk away?

I believe knowing when to stop is absolutely vital to become a good writer. So many people I know edit and edit, never finishing the piece. I accepted a long time ago a piece will never be completely perfect. Close enough is good enough.

Tell us about your published work

Published Books:
“The Soul That Screamed” – October 2013 (Horrified Press)

Published Short Stories:
“The Legend of the Chained Oak” – May 2013, Haunted magazine. (
“Once a Butchers Wife” – June 22nd 2013, Hell Whores Volume 2 (Horrified press)
“Pride and PowerPoint” – via Kindle Self Publishing (13/3/13)
“Florian” – August 2013, Haunted Magazine
“The Lazarus Stratum” – September 2013, Suffer Eternal vol 3 (Horrified press)
“The Curse of Colyton” - September 2013, Suffer Eternal vol 3 (Horrified press)
“The Fall of Silas Galloway” – September 2013, Suffer Eternal Vol 3 (Horrified press)

An Orange glow filled the monitor screen, distracting them from the boiled contents of the sea and beckoning them closer.

It looks like we have entered some kind of magma chamber, but…” William trailed off, afraid that his next observation was going to sound as absurd as it had in his head “… but, those flames, well…that’s just not possible.”

……..Ta Skoulikia

“The Fall of Silas Galloway” – October 2013, Daylight Dims (Stealth Fiction)
“Gyll’s Whel” – Schlock bi monthly/Nightmare illustrated (Horrified Press)
“Ta Skoulikia” – Finished in the Top 3 in the 2013 Screen-con Horror Writing competition
“The Fall of Silas Galloway” -  ( Chilling Tales for Dark Nights)

“Exit” – Dark Dreams Podcast (Oct 2013)

Have you any publications planned for the future?

“Gyll’s Whel” - Schlock bi monthly/Nightmare illustrated (Horrified Press)

What are your plans for the future?

I intend to write a novel at some point, though I am awaiting a decent idea. I also plan on penning a children’s horror story for a charity release due Summer 2014. I am also in the process of trying to secure an agent. I believe they are still necessary to push ones work into the big leagues. I myself am a tireless self promoter, which I believe is equally as important as writing the damned thing! If you are not willing to put yourself on the line for your book, why should anybody else?

I also have a film due for release sometime in 2014. “The Legend of the Chained Oak” is based on my short story of the same name. I wrote and produced the film, and we as a team have big plans for it!

What advice would you give new authors?

Finish what you start. If you can’t finish a piece you will never be published.

Have you done any courses to help you?

No. I felt it was best to feel my way into the writing world, and hopefully without the influence of structure and courses, maybe my efforts would stand out a little more.

Milena hit the wall and landed hard on the bridge of her neck, a sickening snapping sound confirming its breakage. Her body slowly slid down the wall and settled at a grossly unnatural angle. Her death grimace left Leon with a vision that he would never be able to fully shake for the rest of his days.

……..Scarlet’s Place

What do you do to market your work?

As much self promotion as possible. I use social media, have appeared in local newspapers, been interviewed several times on local radio and even appeared in a national magazine. I email different people each and everyday, you never know where your enquiry may lead!

Do you use social networking in your day to day life?

Are you interested in collaborating with artists?

Indeed. The cover for my book is one such example. I also have two artists supplying art for one of my stories (Gyll’s Whel.)

I love seeing how my words can inspire the creation of a visual piece!

Have you got hobbies?

Aside from writing I am a full time dad and occasional gamer/comic reader

Where are you based?

Staffordshire – The United Kingdom

The one that called itself Elisa had to her misfortune set it free one fateful summer. The experience was much akin to what it imagined a new-born might feel, it’s senses flooded with sight and sound, smells rich and exotic invaded its essence. The world of horse, mud and timber was long gone. This was a noisy and hurried place. Clearly it had much to learn about the vastly different world in which it now resided.

……..The Dybbuk box



© 2013, Isabella Francesca Abigail Shores. All rights reserved.

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