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The Most Impressive Mosaics From Around the World

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When a mosaic is done right it is a thing of beauty as is attested to by the amount of tourists they can attract. Most of these mosaics will have art lovers raving due to their fine craftsmanship as well as the time that it took to create them. Here are the most impressive ones you will be able to find around the world.

Ravenna, Italy


The mosaics in this area of Italy date to somewhere between the 5th and the 6th century when the city’s importance to the Western Roman Empire was paramount. There are three different churches in Ravenna where the mosaics can be found. The three churches are: Basilica of Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo, the Basilica of San Vitale and Sant’ Apollinare in Classe. The mosaics that you will find here give you a depiction of biblical scenes including the life of Christ. You will find all three of these churches on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

San Diego, California

Glass mosaic murals re some of the most beautiful ones and you will have a hard time finding one that is more impressive than the one at the Villa Harvey Mandel building in San Diego California. This mosaic is one of the most impressive and largest in the world when compared to others in the same style. Though its designer, Italo Botti died just 4 months before the mosaic could be completed, the mosaic is not missing anything and you should make it a point to visit next time you are in the city of San Diego.

Madaba, Jordan

The Mosaic in Madaba, Jordan is the oldest found cartographic depiction of the Middle East’s Holy Land. The mosaic was created back in the 6th century and originally it had a size over 16 meters long and close to 6 meters wide. In the remaining part of the mosaic in the middle you see a depiction of Jerusalem. The discovery of this mosaic did not take place until 1895 when a Greek Orthodox Church was being constructed. While the mosaic is no longer complete it is still impressive to go to.

Barcelona, Spain

If you are familiar with “La Sagrada Familia” then you may be familiar with the artist of our next mosaic Anthoni Gaudi which is located in Parc Guell. The park was designed between the years of 1900 and 1914 and you will be greeted by the Mosaic dragon right at the steps when you arrive. The parc is difficult to be described as one mosiac as the whole parc is mainly covered in mosaics for a truly spectacular sight.

Sicily, Italy

The final impressive mosaic is located in the city of Sicily Italy and it was built a very long time ago. This fourth century mosaic depicts scenes from Roman life at the time it was made. The mosaic was not fully uncovered until three different excavations were completed in the year 1960. The mosaic gives us a window of Roman life then like women in “smaller” costumes competing in discus throwing, hunting and weight lifting. The villa is now on UNESCO’s World heritage List so it is widely promoted and protected as well as it should be.

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This was an article by Ashley from Tubs and Tiles – a leading UK supplier of bathroom Tiles Based in Coventry. Ashley first discovered a love of mosaics while strolling through the Pac Guell in Barcelona and hasn’t stopped loving them since.

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