it’s all just so absurd

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Heart twisting and turning in my chest
darkness is colouring all in grey
skin, dry and cracked from tears

since you went away

People talking,



thought and feelings spoken aloud
with nothing at all really being heard..

it’s all just so absurd

It’s a dream, a mistake, a myth, a lie
There’s no way on earth you really did die
What stupid bloody prank is this…. My heart says, ‘untrue’

my head says it is

Time should stop and happiness stay
No-one should ever really go away
Everyone leaves, it truly is strange
there’s nothing so sure as coming change

I scream. I cry. I stamp with rage
You don’t come back

It’s over

It’s gone

The actor has left the stage.

Isabella FA Shores
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Isabella FA Shores

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I live in Sale, Cheshire, England, and am happily sharing my life with a mental budgie, two Alsatian puppies, and a long-suffering, sculptor-boyfriend . . . not necessarily in that order. 🙂 Often accused of being an insufferable know it all, I often do, but more often do not.
Isabella FA Shores
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