My word for this Week 4 April 2014

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I have put this on my Calendar.  Every Friday I have to find a word that sums up the past week and write about it.  It goes towards those words Shaun told me to write every day and never get a chance to actually do.  As Friday is meant to be my day off working then that can be my day for taking care of this site, hence a change of theme today and a new topic for each week 🙂

So, what is it this week?

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My word for this week is Compassion, a word that seems to have little meaning to some and a whole load to others.  I think you either have it or you do not and I have seen both sides displayed in abundance in the past week

So, for those people who are unsure what it means……

tender feeling

benevolence * empathy * grace * humanity * kindness * mercy * sorrow * sympathy * tenderness * charity * clemency * commiseration * compunction * condolence * consideration * heart * humaneness * lenity * softheartedness * softness * tenderheartedness * yearning

I have seen a lot of compassion towards me this week because I am going through grief.  People have been understanding, kind, considerate and loving.  Not only family members but friends and neighbours also.

Even my dog showed compassion when I hurt my leg earlier this week causing it to bleed profusely.  He was very worried and made sure I stopped bleeding before going off again.  His face pure concern and he whimpered when I did.

However,  I saw, on a site I frequent a lot, the other side.

A member of that site opened up to how they were insecure and hurting and another member belittled them by telling them to stop crying and get on with things.

I realised that on the web even more than in real physical life, we have to be so careful what we say.  We do not know who we are talking to.  We have no idea of their past or what they are living through now.  We can never assume that, because we feel a certain way, they will also.  Face to face we can smile and show we mean well, or hug and say sorry when we see we have hurt someone with words or actions but, online we can not do this and, often, the smiley face can seem like a kick when add to insults or spite.

So my word for today, or this past week, is COMPASSION.  A word I need to get even more friendly with and to try and hold myself to in my day to day living.

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5 thoughts on “My word for this Week 4 April 2014

  1. Lessandra

    I’ve found a lot of compassion on FB – but I think most FBers have at least one or two friends that can’t seem to “feel” compassion when someone is going through something hard. One of those that struck me as being unfeeling I just re-read and it turns out her first sentence which had struck me as being harsh the first time I read it, was just her way of saying things would get better and I could get through it. But it is dangerous to let your feelings be too open online because there are too many out there that don’t know you personally and will more or less attack you with unkind words! (and I don’t like to get hurt, so I don’t say to much). My heart certainly goes out to you losing your brother – very hard to lose those you love so much. I’ll keep reading your word for the week – I like that – musing on a word and its meaning for a week.

    1. Thank you and yes. .. First words are not always what we read them as. We should always make sure of what we are reading before reacting.

      Thank you also for your words about Julian.I appreciate that xx

  2. Stanza Widen

    I agree with you completely Abbie. I hope this works now!

    1. It worked it worked! Thank you for commenting lol 😀

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