all we can do is watch

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death surrounds us and makes us hers
everyone in black and crying aloud as the music plays
papers rustle, throats clearing as the eulogies read
weeping through the black lace and sickly sweet smell of the lilies
heart pounding loudly in my ears drowning out the words
trying to awake from nightmares in a woken world
wanting time to STOP. turn back the clock to yesterday
to feel you again and hold you close keeping you alive with wishes
not once but thrice this year already
saying goodbye to loves
is that too much or can we take more?
how much black velvet can one wear in a year
how many lilies grow across the earth
how many more curtains do we watch closing, taking them away

death surrounds us and makes us hers
and all we can do is watch

Isabella FA Shores
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Isabella FA Shores

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I live in Sale, Cheshire, England, and am happily sharing my life with a mental budgie, two Alsatian puppies, and a long-suffering, sculptor-boyfriend . . . not necessarily in that order. 🙂 Often accused of being an insufferable know it all, I often do, but more often do not.
Isabella FA Shores
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2 thoughts on “all we can do is watch

  1. It has taken me this long to be able to respond properly to comments made to me during this time. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to say something. Many people stayed away afraid to speak in case they hurt. Of course the words did hurt. nothing calms when in such turmoil but, the people who did speak hold a special place in my heart. So thank you again and know your words were seen and helped

  2. I weep to feel you pain in these moments of despair that are part of life’s learnings. Cherish all the moments you can and hold them in your heart. Sorrow has always been a companion to Joy. They are intertwined, an inescapable weave in the fabric of death…and life. Each will take many turns in the dance of living.

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