Puppy Napped Morning 2

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MORNING #2 First let me say morning #1 was a nightmare.   Every half an hour the first night they whined and practised howling.   I have never pandered to puppies howling or whining, or they get used to me being at their beck and call, so spent most of the night with a head under pillows.   Rob is poorly so he had to leave me early last night to go bed so I was left alone with the pups.  

I decided to try and be in bed for midnight so fed them at 11.  A sachet each of puppy food with a nice delicious bowl of SMA (baby milk) to wash it down.   As soon as they finished I swept them both up and took them out to the garden where I ran up and down with them chasing me, played bite the twig with them,  helped them demolish some Moss and cheered them on as they poo’d and wee’d.  

Soon they started to flag and I swept them up and after Darcy had caught my nose with his claw,  causing it to pour with blood,  managed to get them upstairs unblooded.

Popped them straight in the kitchen,  Shut the door. Washed my poor nose and creamed it and then went to bed.  
I waited for a while to see if they moaned but all was silent.

Just before 6 this morning I stayed thinking about getting up and,  just as I did so, Darcy whined.   I got up and locked them out of the kitchen whilst I cleaned up and prepared their breakfast, let them in and fed them,  then Robin Muirhead joined us to make the garden journey.   They are now back in the kitchen after playing,  chasing,  and gnawing on a neighbour,  and all is quiet again.

Me?  Oh I’m back in bed with a cup of tea.

We got this. …….


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5 thoughts on “Puppy Napped Morning 2

  1. I have been wanting to tell you it’s so great that you have the puppies! . I’m so happy for you. I didn’t know you were a dog trainer, I’m impressed!

  2. Pat

    Loved reading your story, Abbie! The darlings are worth it, aren’t they? Get rest when you can.

    1. They totally are!!! Going to try 🙂

  3. Stanza Widen

    Life is a whole lot easier when one gets a good night’s sleep! They are adorable 🙂

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