Make it: Knife-carving workshop: make a spatula

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  • Make it: Knife-carving workshop: make a spatula

  • Led by Barnaby Carder
    Tate Britain, Clore entrance
    5 and 6 July 2014 10.30–13.30 and 15.00–18.00
    £40concessions available

    Workshop ticket includes exhibition entrance

    Part of the series Folk Art makers’ weekend
  • image of Barnaby Carder whittling a spoon

    © Barnaby Carder

This workshop is an introduction to the art of whittling in which you will learn basic knife grips and techniques for carving wood, and come away your own hand-carved spatula to cook with. Participants will be taught the safe way to work with a very sharp knife and wood.

Barnaby Carder is spoon carver who makes functional spoons from trees that have been felled in London that would have otherwise been chipped in his little Spoon Shop, and runs courses in spoon carving at Stepney City Farm and around the country.

This event is related to the exhibition British Folk Art


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