NEW!! Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor 8.0

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Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor with the amazing Airbrush Editor and new Special Effects is specialized chroma key software powerful enough for the most demanding professional photographer looking to expand their business…yet this software is so simple to use and affordable, thousands of photo hobbyists worldwide use it every day to bring fun and excitement to their personal photography projects.

In addition to having one of the best green screen removal systems, the Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio’s proprietary Airbrush Editor puts ultimate flexibility and quality at your fingertips. Its special brushes allow you to restore lost green areas, adjust brightness and contrast in specific areas, fix unwanted screen shadows, and do unprecedented fine hair restoration. Other ‘powertools’ allow you to magically smooth face wrinkles, generate realistic shadows, create 5-layer sandwich overlays, fully annotate and create magazine covers or attention-getting ads, and much more. Impress your friends and clients with your artistic images – you don’t have to tell them the new Green Screen Wizard special effects tools made it a snap! Learn more now and try a FREE DEMO!

Below is our coupon code promo for the new Pro software: Please be sure post this prominently on your site, blog or Facebook page:

Take $20 off your purchase of Green Screen Wizard Professional 8.0 with Free Photoshop Plug-in (a $149 value).

Just enter coupon code PROANDPLUGIN20 during checkout. Coupon expires August 31, 2014

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