Tate announces new online performance commissions for this autumn’s BMW Tate Live Performance Room

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Tate announces new online performance commissions for this autumn’s BMW Tate Live Performance Room

Selma and Sofiane Ouissi
Selma and Sofiane Ouissi

ChoreographersSelmaand Sofiane Ouissi and artist Alexandra Bachzetsis present two new online performance commissions for the BMW Tate Live Performance Room on 18 September and23 October 2014.Selmaand Sofiane Ouissi will respond to each other’s movements. They will be located on separate continents and united by Skype in one performance. Alexandra Bachzetsis will explore how physical gestures can represent and create identity.

Brother and sister, Selmaand Sofiane Ouissi used Skype in their work Here(s) 2011–2012 in order to dance together while located in different cities. Through their live link-up the two artists responded to each others onscreen movements.  For BMW Tate Live Performance Room they will draw on their history of online collaboration.Selma will be in Paris and Sofiane inLondon and they will use Skype to interact. For this performance they are joined by digital artist Yacine Sebti who will create additional visual imagery. The performance is broadcast live on Tate’s Youtube channel on18 September 2014, 20.00 BST.

Award-winning artist and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis’s work From A to B via C examines the impact of borrowed and learned physical habits. The performance moves through imaginary places and events from a ballet classroom to an online dance tutorial, exploring how our bodies incorporate skills, translate movements and inform our identities. The work, involving three dancers, was originally created for a theatre and then transformed for a live performance in an exhibition space. The performance on23 October 2014 sees the work transformed again for the online audience.

BMW Tate Live Performance Room is a pioneering programme of live performances commissioned exclusively for online viewing and simultaneously seen by international audiences across world time zones via Tate’s Youtube channel.

The Performance Room projects are broadcast via the Tate’s Youtube at 20.00 hrs in theUK and exactly the same moment across time zones on the specified dates – 15.00 hrs on the East Coast of America, 21.00 hrs in mainlandEurope and 23.00 hrs in Russia.

This innovative format offers international audiences an opportunity to experience entirely new works live and to join a discussion about the work online. The global online audience are encouraged to chat with other viewers via social media channels during the performance and to put questions to the artist or curator for the live Q&A by following @TateLive; using #BMWTateLive; Tate Facebook; or Tate Google+. Each online performance is archived and available to view online after the live event.

BMW Tate Live is curated by Catherine Wood, Curator, Contemporary Art and Performance and Capucine Perrot, Assistant Curator at Tate Modern.

BMW Tate Live: Performance Room
Selma and Sofiane Ouissi¸ Thursday 18 September 2014 at 20.00 BST
Alexandra Bachzetsis From A to B via C, Thursday 23 October 2014 at 20.00BST or • @tate #BMWTateLive

Selma and Sofiane Ouissi
Selmaand Sofiane Ouissi are both major figures of contemporary dance in the Arab world. They are sister and brother and have danced together throughout their careers. Collaborating with directors and renowned choreographers including Fadhel Jaziri, the company Michèle Anne de Mey, the duo have performed worldwide in venues such as Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Tanzquartier in Vienna. Among their creations are Stop… Boom, 2004, Waçl 2007, Here(s), 2011, Laaroussa video (Palais de Tokyo, Moscow Biennial, New Museum in New York), and the choreographic piece Laaroussa, 2013 (Kunsten Festival of Arts, Bonlieu scène nationale ofAnnecy, La Bâtie inGeneva).

Alexandra Bachzetsis
Artist and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis lives and works between Baseland Zurich. She began her career as a dancer and has been working independently, producing and presenting her own work in theatres and contemporary art venues since 2003. In 2008 she took part in the 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art and had a major solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Basel. In 2012 she won the Swiss Performance Prize. Her work Etude was included in dOCUMENTA 13, Kasselin 2012 and her newest performance The Stages of Staging was presented at theStedelijkMuseum,Amsterdam in 2013.

From A to B via C is commissioned by and developed in collaboration with Tate Modern, London, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva and Fondacion Jumex Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City; co-produced by Theatre Kaserne Basel and Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich; and supported by Kooperative Förderververeinbarung between: Stadt Zürich, Kanton Basel-Landschaft, Kanton Basel-Stadt, Pro Helvetia-Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Roldenfund, Fluxum Foundation and Oertli-Stiftung. From A to B via C was created in collaboration with the following people: concept and choreography, Alexandra Bachzetsis; creation and performance, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Anne Pajunen, Gabriel Schenker; research curator, Hendrik Folkerts; costumes, Cosima Gadient; music, Tobias Koch in collaboration with Dan Solbach; technique, Patrick Rimann; production, Association All Exclusive; production management, Anna Geering; concept communication design, photography and cinematography in collaboration with Julia Born, Gina Folly and Miriam Leonardi.

BMW Tate Live
BMW Tate Live is a long-term partnership between BMW and Tate that features innovative live performances and events including live web broadcast, in-gallery performance, seminars and talks. BMW Tate Live aims to reach an international audience through new forms of art, addressing audiences changing needs, tastes and interests in art. The initiative creates a new space for collaboration and a programme that encompasses performance, film, sound, installation and learning – areas where artists can take greater risks and experiment freely. The programme investigates transformation in all its guises and aims to provoke debate on how art can affect intellectual, social and physical change. More information at

BMW’s Cultural Commitment
For over 40 years now, the BMW Group has initiated and engaged in more than 100 cultural partnerships worldwide. The focus of this long-term commitment to culture is modern and contemporary art, jazz and classical music as well as architecture and design. BMW has worked with artists such as Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Olafur Eliasson, Jeff Koons, Zubin Metha, Daniel Barenboim and Anna Netrebko and commissioned architects such as Karl Schwanzer, Zaha Hadid and Coop Himmelbau. InLondon, BMW in partnership with the London Symphony Orchestra, hosts the BMWLSO Open Air Classics, a yearly live concert free of charge inTrafalgar Square, and supports Frieze Art Fair. The BMW Group takes absolute creative freedom in all the cultural activities it is involved in for granted – as this is just as essential for groundbreaking artistic work as it is for major innovations in a successful business.



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