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My name is Wendy J St Christopher and, for the decade I’ve been working online, I’ve assisted countless colleagues with certain aspects of maintaining their own online businesses. Playing to my strengths, I’ve decided to turn those ongoing efforts into a legit(!) enterprise.

Now open for business —

Artist SOS
(Helping to keep your focus on the art!)

Below, is the above-the-fold overview from the site. Pricing and further details are also included on the page.

Please use the contact form on my website (bottom of the page), if you have any questions or think I can be of assistance –

Artist SOS

Are you spending more time writing and editing bios, profiles, and other text to maintain your Internet presence, and spending less time creating art?

Do you spend more time ‘tweaking’ your photographs to post online, than you spend shooting and marketing them?

Do you have a difficult time coming up with just the right title for your artwork?

Do you wish you could create an online video to showcase your art, but don’t have the software or know-how to do so?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. I’m a published artist and writer who’d like to help free up some of your valuable, creative time!

* Of course, non-artists seeking assistance are very welcome here, too.

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