Painting a Beagle

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meet Buddy, the Beagle!


Who is the subject of an oil painting created just this week for a local client.

Buddy is a good friend of my two Alsatian scamps, Darcy and Hannah, and it was whilst they were playing, his owner saw some of my work. If an artist, always carry cards and a phone or iPad you can show your work on. You just never know when you may get a commission.



After chatting and arranging a price (inc non refundable up front payment) I popped around for the camera shoot.

Buddy is beautifully trained and did all sorts of tricks for me whilst I snapped away. I showed the client a page of Google dog paintings and asked her to choose her favourite three. This gives me an idea of her colour preferences, plain or cluttered background, and even if she prefers portraits over full length.


We decided this way on full body sit position, plain background wearing a favourite red collar.

The background is a blend of white and various Browns. Simply done to create the feel of bushes behind and dirt path being sat on. The light falls softly from the top left so it is casting a shadow on the right.


The right eye as you face him did not have any eye showing in the photos but I felt this was too dark and so have slightly suggested one to bring the whole thing out and more 3d.

The whole painting has taken a week, from start to finish.


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