So, you joined Twitter….. Now What?

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Everyone told you to join Twitter, so you did…. you mulled over the right name (which should really be your real name), and you created your account.

hmmmmm Now what?

Firstly you need to know what Twitter is. Twitter is a social network for everyone, available on your PC, mobile phone and tablet, where you add short sentences filled with information about you. 140 characters is all you have. In that 140 characters you would be surprised what you can add

You are trying to get over your message clearly and within your limit

For instance;

or how about

It is remarkably easy to choose what to write and you can be inventive.


Hashtags are now an essential part of getting your posts seen by the most people you can. You can either follow trends, which you can see on your Twitter homepage left and side,


Or create your own,

Some people use lots of hashtags but you can be penalised for that. You should only use up to 3 good hashtags per tweet (post to Twitter is called a tweet)


Hmm well this depends on what you are interested in. People will find you via your hashtags but it is a good idea to follow those people you would like to follow you back. They do not always, but if you do not go and tap them on the shoulder they will not know you are there. So put in the hashtag of the thing you are interested in (see? hashtags are cool) and follow those whose tweets interest you or who grab your attention. I have made a good many friends on Twitter this way. We have something in common and other people find us through our friends there.


If you see a tweet that is cool, RETWEET IT! This is part of the networking. Sharing gets you seen, noticed and followed. To network takes both sides. If you want people to follow you, you have to make it worth their while also. If you are sharer it means you are engaged.


Every Friday is Follow Friday. If you have been a good tweeter… shared, chatted and done some good tweets, people will let all their friends know that you are worth following, like this hashtag Follow Friday …..   #FF and the names of the people @1stAngel etc


Basically that is all you really need to know. Now you need to take this knowledge and play in Twitter. Go around the site and press things, read things and get to know the people on there.

Join Twitter using your real name
Find people using the hashtags of things you love
Even if nobody is following you yet, keep going as though the whole world is watching
Start tweeting interesting tweets
Share other peoples tweets
On Follow Friday share people who you find interesting

Have fun 🙂 OH and before I forget… FOLLOW ME 🙂

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Do not swear or be stupid
Do not tweet only adverts
Do not over tweet
Do not use over 3 hashtags
Do not ignore people

I know I have missed off something so, if you have more tips I have not added here, please comment and let us know 😀

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