Fantasy Art by Joyce Jackson

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I was thrilled to see a friend of mine was recently interviewed on another site. I would love you to take a look

I like to be known as an artist, even though in some ways, I appreciate the idea of not attaching labels to people. I create in a variety of media. For several years, beginning in the 1970’s, I concentrated on pottery and fine clay art. But I’ve always been involved in 2-D art. I was artistic throughout my childhood. I used to spend days in my parents’ driveway in a rural, sparsely populated New York State town, building cities from the driveway dirt. I had to start over from scratch every time my Mom came home and drove over my cities with her car, but I just took it back up from where I left off before the last destruction. That’s sort of a metaphor for how my creative activities have taken shape. An amusing mixture of destruction and rebuilding. Read the rest on

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