Tate Modern, Africa Express and The Space present Terry Riley’s In C Mali

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Tate Modern, Africa Express and The Space present Terry Riley’s In C Mali

Tate Modern, Africa Express and The Space present Terry Riley’s In C Mali
Tate Modern, Africa Express and The Space present Terry Riley’s In C Mali

Africa Express performance at Tate Modern

Photo © Alexey Moskvin/Tate

An interactive film online at from 28 November 2014
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Tate Modern, Africa Express and The Space celebrate the 50th anniversary of Terry Riley’s world-renowned composition In C with the launch of an interactive online film. In C is often cited as the first minimalist composition and minimalist art and music come together in the film, Tate Modern and Africa Express present Terry Riley’sIn C Mali, released on 28 November at

The film features musicians brought together by Africa Express, led by classical composer André de Ridder, performing Terry Riley’s In C Mali, a new interpretation of Riley’s pioneering work, live at Tate Modern with an African orchestra that includes three balafons, three koras, ngoni, kalimbas, three percussionists with talking drum, calabash, sabar drums, alongside guitar, bass, violin, delta harp and beats by Mouse on Mars.  The film performance will be intercut with iconic minimalist art works from the Tate Collection by Donald Judd, Josef Albers and Frank Stella; as well as footage of Africa Express and de Ridder in Bamako, Mali where the first African version of this minimalist classic was recorded with the cream of new contemporary Malian musicians.

The live performance at Tate Modern was captured by multiple cameras in order to create a multi-layered interactive film that takes advantage of the latest digital technologies, using the Interlude video platform. Viewers will be able to select camera angles and to isolate individual performers and focus on the notes played by particular instruments, from kora to balafon. The interactive technology also allows navigation through the art at Tate Modern. The viewer can select and focus on individual minimalist artworks as the cameras roam the galleries at night.

Jane Burton, Creative Director, Tate said: “Pioneering minimalist music and iconic minimalist art come together by way of Africa in this interactive film. It’s a mesmerising mix. This is the first time that Tate has created a film that allows viewers to choose different pathways through footage to create their own unique experience.  We are delighted to have worked with The Space and Africa Express to reimagine what it is to watch a performance or to explore a gallery.”

Ian Birrell, Co Founder, Africa Express said: “Africa Express is delighted to collaborate with two such creative forces to produce the first live performance of Africa Express’s version of Terry Riley’s In C. This recording with André de Ridder grew out of our trip to Bamako in 2013, working with so many brilliant musicians, and it is great that people can enjoy the magic of the performance at Tate as well as a new album featuring the original recordings from Mali.”

Ruth Mackenzie, CBE, Launch CEO and Creative Director, The Space said “Tate and Africa Express are two of my favourite partners – daring, surprising, always taking risks, always excellent, always exploring new ground – I am sure we can expect the unexpected.”

Tate Modern and Africa Express present Terry Riley’s In C Mali is released online on 28 November at The Space

An album, Africa Express Presents… Terry’s Riley’s In C Mali, produced by André de Ridder, was recorded in Bamako, Mali last year featuring emerging Malian artists including Adama Koita, Bijou and Cheick Diallo, alongside Africa Express stalwarts Damon Albarn, Brian Eno and Nick Zinner and will be released by Transgressive Records on digital formats on 24 November, with a CD and limited edition vinyl following on 26 January 2015.



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