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Top Travel IOS Apps For Long Flights

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On a long haul flight that sometimes goes beyond 12 hours there is a need for something to keep you busy or make your journey much better. This is why people are always searching for a number of apps capable of aiding them to improve their journey. Since Wi-Fi in most international flights is not easy to come by, the apps to look for should be able to work or give you the content you need without access to the internet.


If you want a portable PA, carry around this app offering just that in a Smartphone. You can forward all car rentals, hotel and flight reservations to it. In turn, you will have a digital itinerary capable of transforming your trip and even print or share. For any business traveler or anyone who want to keep tabs with his or her investment, this app will make a long haul flight a joy.


Flight Track

It is almost definite that as you travel everything about flight paths is important, especially if that flight is a long one. This app provided a flight path with international flights in their thousands, including a map that you can zoom for clarity. All the departure gates of an airport, cancellations and delay information are provided. If your long flight is delayed along the way or if you are waiting for the arrival of someone, you will find it very important.

XE Currency

Sometimes you find yourself travelling across the world to different foreign countries. The good thing with this free application is that all the live currency markets will be tracked from across the globe. The result is an accurate conversation table that is up to the moment.

Around Me

In a foreign country everything seems so different and out of place and anyone can be totally disoriented. However, with the right app such as Around Me, you do not have to ask yourself about accommodation, nearest shop, best place for dinner, where to interact with other revelers safely and many other things. This app claims to answer these questions and many others by detecting where you are and directing you to the nearest points you are interested in.

Food Spotting

One reason why many people endure long haul flights is to enjoy a holiday on the other side of the world in a foreign state or country. Food is usually at the top of our mind and this app provides the recommendations on restaurants in any city you have flown to. You only need to search the dish you want through the app and the best place within your radius will be availed to you.


This Smartphone app is what you need, whether you are searching for budget flights, on a long haul trip or a common business traveler. It will search thousands of airlines and millions of routes to ensure you have received the most affordable flight. Since it does not come with handling fees, the app gives you a chance to book a flight directly.

Packing Pro

If you need to prepare for a long haul flight, you only need to let this app know the destination and a list of all the things you need to buy or get and pack is provided. Apart from suggesting items for those accompanying you, all the things required are split up into various categories such as foreign currency, passport, clothes and gadgets among others.

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