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My life took a great turn for the better a few weeks ago when I went back to riding. Horses that is. I am remembering muscles in places I had forgotten I had places!

Getting back into riding after an accident is hard. As you get up there, things fly back into your mind that throw you before you even take the reins. And, talking about throwing you, since my surgery on my stomach where they had to put things back in the right places, my balance is out. All this went to make getting back onto a tall moving creature a thing of great daring (or so I tell myself)

But, the moment I got back up there, wobbles aside, I KNEW this was the right place for me and I inwardly kicked myself for not coming back to it years ago.

I started on a Take Back The Reins course ‘Carrington Riding Centre’ run.  They take you back through things like stable management and posture.  Cantering and little things you may not have done before like Changing Reins and 20m Circles.  For someone like me, used to bareback or western riding this has been a real eye opener!  But, I have to say it is all going quite well and, touch wood, I have not fallen off yet.  Of course it helps that all the teachers there are ace.

So what next…. Now I am as horse crazy as when a kid when rushing off to the stables immediately after school.  I get paid and the first thing I do is head to the equestrian category on eBay.

I also read up about the B.H.S certification beginning in June. Guess who is now in training 😀

I just bought myself a ‘Adventure Before Dementia’ Tshirt LOL Just about says it all really!

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