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Good Morning!  (For those of you reading this in any other time of day just play along.)

Allow me to take a moment to introduce myself, I’m David S Reynolds.  I’m more commonly referred to as Dave.  Sometimes my Lovely Wife refers to me as “Oh Tall Man” when she needs something from the top shelf.  If mankind had a way to translate cat I’m sure I could add “Staff” and “Heated Lap Needed Only in Winter” to my list of names.


The Lovely Wife
The Lovely Wife

I grew up and live in Tucson, Arizona along with a Neurotic Sheltie and the afore mentioned Lovely Wife and Demanding Cat.  My free time activities usually revolve around model aviation, motorcycles, photography, writing, and reading.  Should that get boring I throw in some drawing and music in from time to time.  Being as art a career is notoriously bad at paying bills, I am also a teacher.  I teach GED (secondary education replacement) classes to adult probationers for the county courts.  Adult education is an amazing job and I love helping people take advantage of a second chance.  It is great when my students tell me that they help their children do homework for the first time.  You can see the increase of self worth in their eyes at finally being able to do something many take for granted.

The Neurotic Sheltie
The Neurotic Sheltie AKA Lillie

In college I studied theater arts and then after finishing and swearing that I would never go back to school again I went back to school and got a degree in special education.  I then proceeded to discover that I entered education as a career at entirely the wrong time and spent the next ten years playing the last in first out game as school budgets shrank.

I have always been a big reader from a family of readers and some of my favorite stories are those that involve ideas.  Action and adventure, mysteries, and fluffy romance are fun to read but are nothing like an idea that you can chew on.  This led me down the path towards writing.  Of course, writing a self publishing are two different things.

The demanding Cat
The Demanding Cat AKA Braytak (yes, I am a bit of a sci fi geek)

Which leads to a bit of a confession – I can’t spell.  Never could.  Still can’t.  Seems rather strange for a writer and teacher to not be able to spell, but I can’t.  One of the first things my students learn is to never ask me how to spell anything.  Spell check is my savior.  This part of my tale goes all the way back to my fourth grade teacher who noticed that while told good stories, I refused to write them down.  So a bunch of specialist gave me a bunch of tests to prove what I already knew.  I was the kid in the spelling bees that would purposely get the first word wrong to end the torture.  “Cat.  K. A. T. T.  Can I sit down now?”  Looking back on it as an adult, that teacher believed in me and wanted to find a way to help me.  I started writing short stories as a way to justify hers, and many other others, belief in me.  The decision to self publish came from a motorcycle forum on the internet.  Someone made a comment along the lines it will never sell sitting on your hard drive so you might as well put it out there.  The cool thing about discovering the outlet of e-publishing is that it has made me write more and make my writing better.

The Inner Sanctum
The Inner Sanctum

I don’t write stories specifically for any one genre, I like try different things and it depends on what I want to accomplish at the time.  For one of my more recent stories, Aware, I wanted to explore the idea of artificial intelligence so sci-fi fit the bill.  In the writing of Visitor, I had an idea of Death as not being an evil specter looking to cut you off, but rather as a guardian that protects you until you have done everything you needed to do.  For this, a contemporary time is what I needed.  Basically, I write where the voices in my head take me.

My interest in photography comes from my work in the theater.  One of the things I look at when taking pictures is how the light works, is it setting a mood, creating an interesting reflection, or sometimes it just looks cool.  Subject wise, I love the desert of my native southwest.  What others see as dry and dead I see as an amazing display of just how strong life is.  Here in this hostile, dry, and hot place plants and animals still manage to grow and live.  It is amazing if you know where to look.  When I’m not out roaming the desert and dodging cactus I’m pointing my camera and machines and buildings.  I particularly like airplanes and cars.  My biggest challenge is taking my camera to model jet events.  I’m still fine tuning the technique and skill needed to get truly good shots of small objects moving at high rates of speed.


That’s the highlights of me.  I invite you to take a look at my website,  where you can read samples of stories and my blog and look at pictures.  Follow me on twitter at DavidSReynolds1 and Facebook at Renaissance Redneck Media.  About once a month a month send out an enewsletter that can be signed up for at  If you have questions or comments drop me a line at [email protected], I’d love to hear from you.

I hope you seize the day!  (Again, for those of you reading this in the evening, just play along.)


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