Walking in the Rain

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We went for a walk in the rain this evening. We were out for an hour and a half, just ambling around the neighbourhood. As we entered a local park, the heavens opened and it just flooded us.

If I don’t wear a cap, my hood just goes over my eyes and I can’t see. I didn’t wear a cap. Half way around the field I gave up trying to keep the hood off my eyes and just took it off. Darcy and I walked in abject misery as rain insinuated itself into every pore of our skin. He kept tucking his head under my arm and wiping his eyes on my cuff. Tail down, ears bent out to the sides, as they go when life is dealing him lemons, he trudged beside me wishing to be home with his blankie and a Bonio. Hannah, on the other hand, was racing around the field catching raindrops. Head up, tail wagging, bumping into trees as she could not actually see where she was going the rain was so intense but, never a happier dog have I seen in a long time. As we got back onto the roadway, to head home, Hannah sulked as I clasped her lead back on her collar. Darcy just stayed dejected and miserable.
Finally we reached home and I was pleased to kick off my sodden boots that had squeaked incessantly on every footfall for the last half hour. Darcy flew upstairs to our apartment and grabbed his towel on the way through to the hall. Pulling it over his head he lay in it and scrobbled around the floor like a bug in a rug, trying to get dry. Hannah just glared at me accusingly as I tussled her ears and tummy with her towel. She put up with it, grabbed her ball and stalked off to the kitchen to wait for her bedtime biscuits. Darcy refused to leave his towel and mumbled happily as I rubbed his paws and ears dry. He looked out from under a damp, muddy towel and I swear he grinned at me. Tail thumping as I pulled myself up to go and grab their treats and get dry myself, he rolled over and over, knocking things this way and that in his effort to get every drip of that accursed water off him.
They are now tucked up in their beds. Darcy is snoring contentedly and Hannah is watching me. Every time I look at her, she grabs her ball up and wags.

Not a hope lassie…. Not a hope!

Night all xxx

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