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My name is Tank and I am going to grow up t e a Police Dog for the Washington State, Utah police!

Thus began the spiel of yet another ‘Like this Photo and we get…….’ Normally I ignore them as the majority are total phoneys. However, looking at this one and following it to source I find it is indeed true and, although Tank has well over his million likes needed, I am hoping that sharing this will raise awareness for the fact they have to have this armour at all and perhaps if they get 2 million they may provide another pup with his own coat 🙂


From Vesting America’s Police K-9’s About Page

Vesting America’s Police K-9’s is dedicated to providing bullet/stab proof vests for the K-9 officers of Utah, as well as other areas of this country.

Dogs employed in our law-enforcement K-9 units are asked to risk their lives on a daily basis, often without the protective equipment afforded to their human counterparts. . While on duty, law enforcement dogs are asked to risk their lives by going ahead of their human officers, often confronting serious and possibly fatal danger, to protect their human officers and our local communities.

We work in association with our partners in this project, TREAD Armament & Weaponry, and Bullet Blocker.

Our vests are the lightest on the market, at only 2-1/2 pounds, and made of the thinnest material available, to ensure the dogs highest level of comfort. The vests are made of 13 layers of Kevlar, insulated with 1000 count thread. They are flame resistant, bullet proof at a level IIIa (can stop up to a .44 magnum point blank), and are stab resistant up to a 4″ blade.

Vesting America’s Police K-9’s is a community project of Tread Armament & Weaponry.

Contributions can be made online at:

Paypal: [email protected]

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