Artfinder becomes the first online art marketplace to sell only original art

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Roadside Poppies (2015). An original linocut print by Alexandra Buckle
Roadside Poppies (2015). An original linocut print by Alexandra Buckle

Global online art marketplace Artfinder has this month become the first online art retailer to sell only original art, by taking the decision to stop selling all giclée and c-type prints of paintings, drawings and collages. The changes are effective from 1 September 2015 and apply to existing sellers as well as new artists.

Jonas Almgren, CEO of Artfinder commented:

“Artfinder has taken this decision because we want to be clear: we don’t sell reproductions, and that means only allowing artworks in their original medium, and not reproductions of artworks originally created in a different medium.

Home to original, handcrafted art and a champion of thousands of talented artists around the world, we want Artfinder to continue to be a place to find only the best, most unique art online. By refining our product catalogue to only originally produced artworks, we want to support the craft that painters, printmakers, mixed media artists and photographers bring to Artfinder.

We want Artfinder to continue to be a place that forges these special relationships between artists and buyers; it’s an honest transaction that changes how we think about art and breaks down the hierarchy of the art market. More power to the artist, more choice for the buyer.”

Artfinder artist and printmaker Alexandra Buckle commented:

“I think this is a brilliant move that will distinguish Artfinder from other art websites. As a printmaker I was never very comfortable with the reproductions being listed in the ‘prints’ category. There is far too much confusion between around the term ‘print’ and it is important to me that potential customers are clear.”

Artfinder will continue to sell digitally created artworks and photography which are created as giclée and c-type prints.

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  1. For photographers and digital artists the “original” only decision of Artfinder opens new opportunities. Limited edition, carefully crafted prints of digital and photo art stand by themselves and offer buyers unique art. And how does a photo artist obtain the fine-workmanship images? Fine Art America offers superbly printed images, whether on fine paper, canvas, metal or acrylic. This gives artists the production means for their digital creations. Fine Art America offers such printing without the need of a public offering, really an efficient and workable combination.

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