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Today has been frustrating to say the least!  I am desperately want to install Paint Shop Pro on my computer.  I used to use it and thought it was the bees knees whilst run by Jasc.  Then Corel took over and for the past few years I have not looked at it as they took it, turned it inside out and ruined it for me…..  Oh, don’t get me wrong, lots of people still swore by it but I could not get on with it at all.

When looking for a new photo editor, a friend told me that PSP is better now and I should give it a go, so I have been trying to download a trial.  Very nice site, well laid out and the trial was well marked (makes a change, some sites hide the free things away).  So I was very happy and looking forward to getting this on my system.

However.  1st download install stalled at 33%

2nd the same and subsequent ones are stalling at 37%

No worries, probably something very simple so let’s get some support

Now is when it gets not only annoying but very frustrating.

  1.  I had to join the site to get support. I do not want to join yet as I do not know if the programme is staying on my system!
  2. Once I joined I searched and got led to different knowledge bases, none of which helped with my problem.  No link on each page to get me that support I needed.  I kept having to go to another page and then disappearing into the labyrinth again
  3. When I did find support proper, I find I have to pay 19 or one time support that does not cover installation because I have not registered the product!
  4. Free Online Technical Support

    Submit your question via the online form and receive a response within 24 hours. Please ensure that your product is registered before proceeding.

I cannot register it because I cannot INSTALL IT!

So now I have 4 copies of PSP, that I am about to delete, in my downloads folder and no PSP installed on my computer. I also have a membership to a site, with probably the ensuing mail that goes with that, for no reason at all.

I am now on the hunt for another photo editor.

So, if you have a product, PLEASE, do not require registration before people get help from you for installation, and give FREE help for any problem. I do understand a premium suport package, it is a great idea and kudos for the idea BUT we need free for normal issues whether we have your product or not…..or we may not get it.

Oh, and if I was wrong and you do not need to register the product first, this post is a hint… your Support pages need to have a simple contact page link to get the help needed without jumping through hoops.

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