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From The Heart
Isabella Shores, 1stAngel owner, reading one of her publications under her pseudonym

From the heart .. a strange title for a category.  I even thought that as I was writing it in the space provided.  Invokes many feelings hopefully and I am thinking that most of you will understand it without me explaining but, of course, that is what this post is for anyway.  To introduce the new category and to invite you to follow us.

Hmmm how to explain From the Heart… here goes…..when we write stories, long or short, they are often made up, but even more often based on reality, of some form or another.  Myself, I write a lot about sleeping rough and about child, and adult, mental and physical abuse, because I know and understand these topics.

Others write about love, hate, fear.  Some study for months to fit the characters.  Some just know the characters immediately as they are made up of many facets of the author.

Many authors I know are terrible at writing about themselves.  They will write reams and reams for their publishers but when it comes to an interview, or a bio, they are like…ahhh, ummm, eerrrrrrr, got to go now……

So, From the Heart is the new category for 1stAngel Arts Magazine, about stories AND the authors.  Writing.  Fact.  Fiction.  Literature of our own, and of other people.  If we can bring stories of libraries we will even include those.  After all, they are where the best stories are often told and where I met many an author I would otherwise never have met.

If you love stories come and read ours….hell, if you WRITE stories, come and join us and be a part of the From The Heart team at 1stAngel.  Whether you join us to write, or join us to read, you will be more than welcome…………..and I mean that……from the heart! (sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 )

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  1. I love stories and I am looking forward to reading and contributing to this section.

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