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Fantasy Art is quite broadly defined and tends to display mythical, mystical and non-realistic subjects in a realistic way often linked illustrating fantasy literature. Within this group we will be exploring all aspects of fantasy art, including introducing fantasy artists.

Lighted Angel by Mystic Sparrow
Lighted Angel by Mystic Sparrow

Recently I was able to interview Mystic Sparrow one of the members of the editorial team in the Fantasy Art Group, and I asked her what inspired her to start making fantasy art and how she goes about creating images?

Mystic Sparrow: “I have always loved fantasy art and was inspired by a friend who is a digital artist. I use to make fantasy art books, they were old books where I glued the pages together in an open form and I was given written permission from my friend to use her artwork in these book creations.

I got to thinking it would be great if I could do my own art and put them in these open book type frames. With a lot of perseverance and experimenting with several programs I started to create and the more I did it the better my work became. My dad was my biggest follower of my artwork – I actually created the name Mystic Sparrow due to the passing of my dad. At his funeral a sparrow came in to the service and stayed for the duration then left. The sparrow was a messenger for us from my dad. This little sparrow was a mystery, hence my name Mystic Sparrow.

All my artwork is created using .png images that I have either purchased or created from my own sources or stock images on the net with credits to the original stock holder. I put these together and merge my .png images to create my artwork. I use a few different digital editing programs to do this. Depending on the amount of detail I have on each piece they can take me from one day to several days to do. I usually have three or four going at once. I will work on one for a while then move to another one.”

Natures Eye by Mystic Sparrow
Natures Eye by Mystic Sparrow

I asked Mystic Sparrow where she got her inspiration from for her new work and what she was currently working on?

Mystic Sparrow: “My inspiration comes from browsing the internet looking at fantasy art work. I will see something that appeals to me and then it starts my creative side running. I sometimes get what I call creative block similar to writer’s block.  When that happens I again surf the net for inspirational images which often results in a whole new idea and then I am on a roll again.

I am currently working on a dream catcher series of flowers and animals. I have a passion for the fantasy side of things, where i am only limited by my imagination. I love the challenge of creating where fantasy has no boundaries. Waterfalls of all fantasy kinds are my passion, I love fantasy, surreal, and Gothic but I really have no set themes, as I create to what comes to my mind at the time. I hope my art is enjoyed as much as I enjoy creating it.”

Space Garden 1 by Mystic Sparrow
Space Garden 1 by Mystic Sparrow

Finally, I asked Mystic Sparrow how she sees her art developing in the future.

Mystic Sparrow: “My art is developing in many different ways as I learn new techniques along with new inspirational ideas. I would love to have my art work on book covers and CD covers. Every day is another day for my work as it develops and I hope to one day to be recognized for my style of work. I would love it if someone sees a piece and says “Hey that’s Ali Oppy’s art (aka Mystic Sparrow)!”  It would mean I had developed my own, unique, recognisable style.”

You can see Mystic Sparrow’s art portfolio at:

In future articles we will introduce more fantasy artists and explore the subject of fantasy art in more detail.

Dorothy Berry-Lound

I promote life, work and energy balance through my art, poetry and writing. I specialise in photo painting –using my own photographs and using digital software techniques to develop the story of the images further with colours and textures. I was awarded Best Photopainter 2015 by CQ Magazine.Promoting the use of art for healing is an important focus for my artwork and I have developed a range of healing art and colour harmony images. The pieces I create always have a story, a message I am trying to get across or imagery to make you stop and think.

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