How Do You Create Healing Art?

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Meteor Shower Heals Earth by Dorothy Berry-Lound

Meteor Shower Heals Earth

I often get asked how do you create healing art? That is one of those million dollar questions as each artist will approach it differently.  It is also not as straightforward as it sounds. How do you define healing art? It could be an image made up of simple colours and textures that creates an ambient mood. It can be an image with a message as is the case with my piece ‘Meteor Shower Heals Earth’. Sometimes it is a piece that is deliberately designed to impart healing.

‘Healing Angel’ is a good example of my work that is an image deliberately designed to impart a healing energy. This piece has been through several incarnations to get to the final image.

The original piece is an acrylic painting on canvas depicting an angel with hands outstretched. I began the piece with the ‘scary bit’ which is the white canvas waiting for me to create something. I usually meditate before I start on a new piece, and have a clear intention of what I am going to create before I make a mark. I had a concept I was working with, the idea to create healing art by designing an image that people could touch and interact with so I wanted the angel to be life size.

I began by carefully drawing what I call a ‘creation box’, basically a geometric design for the placement in the image based on sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is based on mathematical concepts and is used in the design of religious structures and sacred art including mandalas. This initial layer within my design is time consuming, often taking longer than it takes me to produce the eventual painting. As the angel would be designed to release healing energy, I am a Reiki master and I wanted it to be hung in my Reiki treatment room, I used the Reiki healing symbols as part of the basic design.

Next came the actual painting of the piece and the careful selection of colour including red to give a vibrant, energetic feel to the painting and shades of violet and purple for higher level spirituality. The final touch was the angel’s hands which are my own hands imprinted into the paint. The final painting is now in place and my clients are drawn to put their hands on the angel’s hands and feel the healing energy it produces.

Healing Angel by Dorothy Berry-Lound

Healing Angel

But how do you make an image like that work on-line? Only a few people can actually see and touch the original. I carefully scanned in the original and then started using digital software to add textures gradually to the piece until I felt I had created the right mood with the image. I removed the hands as the interaction was now visual rather than tactile. With the online piece I wanted the energy to float from the image and create peace and wellness within anyone who sees it.  The test is the final image.

In future articles other members of the Art for Health editorial team will explain their approaches to creating healing art.

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How Do You Create Healing Art?

Dorothy Berry-Lound

I promote life, work and energy balance through my art, poetry and writing. I specialise in photo painting –using my own photographs and using digital software techniques to develop the story of the images further with colours and textures. I was awarded Best Photopainter 2015 by CQ Magazine.Promoting the use of art for healing is an important focus for my artwork and I have developed a range of healing art and colour harmony images. The pieces I create always have a story, a message I am trying to get across or imagery to make you stop and think.

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