Today is Philanthropy Day

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Today is philanthropy day.  Did you know? It seems relevant that it should be after what has been happening around the world.

The very word, philanthropy, means “love of humanity” in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing “what it is to be human”.  Humans are made up of many facets, colours, sizes.  Caring about humanity does not depend on any race, or anything else that is created to separate us.  You can add as many labels as you wish to make you feel superior to others but, in reality, humanity is one species.  Human.  No matter where they come from or their position in life.

Philanthropy is  a very powerful word.  To care enough about others to help them grow and live.  Even perhaps to risk your life for the sake of others.  I am like Sir Francis Bacon in thinking of a philanthropist as being a good person.  The word philanthropy being an all encompassing word of goodness.

What is goodness?  Nowadays in these modern times it is more often sharing money through crowd sourcing sites.  This is easily done from your sofa, when out sitting on a bus even.  I sound like I am dismissing this form of philanthropy but it is quite the opposite….Many small businesses have been started with the aid of this raised money and so families enriched.  Animal vet bills paid for.  Homeless people helped and even homes saved.  With all the horrors in the world today, we need to stand up and care. We need to go out of our comfort zone and help someone.  It matters not if it is your money you share or time, skills, hope or empathy.  These are all parts and parcels of the same thing.  Helping someone across the road is as important as a smile to a stranger.  Giving a homeless person a coat is as important as sending a five pound note to a cause.   Nothing that helps another is too small…..  the fact you opened the door for that harassed single Mum the other day was important.  Needed.  All the small acts of goodness mount up around the world to create harmony.  It spreads the word.  It deflects the horrors and balances the world more.  It makes people see just how important caring is and, the more people who stand up to care, the less people there are who do not.

In these days of trouble with news more easily spread across the web, philanthropy is even more important than before.  From raising that money for people in need; going out and feeding or housing the needy; treating medical needs; search and rescue or just being there for a hug, goodness is shown in so many ways.  Huge and small we need philanthropists.  We need goodness.  We need humanity.  We need to deflect the bad and create the good.

Today is philanthropy day.  Did you know?  Are you a philanthropist? Will you be one tomorrow?

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